CCD Journalism Students Visit The Denver Post

On Tuesday, April 14th, 2015, journalism students from CCD visited The Denver Post to view the afternoon news meeting.

This meeting included 12 editors from within the news department, including:

  • Gregory L.  Moore, Editor in Chief
  • Kevin Dale, News Director
  • Scott Monserud, Sports Editor
  • Lee Colacioppo, Senior News Editor
  • Linda Shapely, News Director
  • & Several Staff Members from Photography, Graphics, and Multimedia

Sitting in the editorial meeting, our students got to hear how stories and photos are selected for the front page of each issue and for the online edition. The editors discussed why each story should be front page news and how the story was being reported. We heard discussion on the Holmes’ trial, the VA hospital controversy, President Obama’s Iran decision, new laws on edible marijuana, and the Colorado Rockies winning streak.

Each editor discussed his/her stories or photos to Gregory Moore and Kevin Dale and, in the end, Dale made the decision on what would make the front page. This meeting took place on Tuesday and by Wednesday morning, our CCD students got to see the front page and see which stories and photos made it. At the end of their meeting, we were fortunate to have the editors spend extra time talking to the students and answering specific questions. 

Before the day was over, one of the news director gave the group from CCD a tour of the newsroom, explaining each department. The experience was invaluable and gave our students perspective into the industry in which some of them may enter upon graduation. Learn more about Journalism at CCD and sign up for next semester's class.