Student Work Displayed in the Glass Menagerie | Structure & Light

Stop by Cherry Creek's Glass Menagerie to see Architecture Technology students' display of Structure & Light: Lessons from Pre-Industrial Building Technology.

These models of a representative series of three to five structural bays of six large-volume, preindustrial buildings were crafted by Architectural Technology students in the fall 2015 semester of AEC 125 History of Architecture.

The models are all built to the same scale of 1/16"=1'0" to compare approaches over time to the problem of creating large volume interior space illuminated primarily with sunlight. Structure—in the form here mainly of purely
compressive materials (stone and brick masonry)—is manipulated through ingenious geometry and craftsmanship, resulting in memorable spaces that admit and distribute daylight extremely effectively.

Lessons for contemporary design include the careful application of limited material resources and the creation of sizable interior spaces without the benefit of fossil fuel inputs. These are the first architectural models made by most of these students.

Learn more about Architectural Technology at CCD.