Badge to Building: A Campus Access Odyssey

At the beginning of October, the Auraria Campus implemented a Secured Building Access Initiative. You have probably noticed signs on all the doors around campus by now. Community College of Denver recognizes that this is a big change from what students and staff are used to and that some ID badge scanners may not be easily visible. Let’s go on an adventure around campus to pinpoint the locations of the ID badge scanners to help for a smooth transition to the campus’ new “normal.”

Manners and respect are two important qualities to always demonstrate. While this might sound odd, but we must reassess and retrain our brains to think about safety first on campus. If someone appears to be a CityHawk but does not have their ID badge in sight, use your best judgment when it comes to holding or opening the door for them.

If your CCD ID badge is working for some buildings and not others or not at all, you should immediately contact AHEC Access Control at 303-556-4296 to correct the error. This number is also located on all door signage.

For any concerns or questions, visit for more information.