Resource Center

About Us

The Resource Center offers support programs that will provide you guidance and support that is essential to creating and growing your “toolbox of strategies” in the areas of academic, financial and personal wellness.

Your Toolbox Contains

  • LINK to Student Success: LINK with academic advisors to assist, guide, and coach you throughout your college journey. Also, use these links to find your way around CCD’s website.
  • First Year Experience Program (FYE): The FYE Program ensures a beneficial, worthwhile, and helpful transition into college for first-year students who are starting at CCD.
  • Denver Scholars Program: A required program for scholarship recipients. Participants in this program are coached to help you be a successful college student with the goal of retaining your scholarship.
    • DSF SEED Program: A program built for Denver Scholars who have the desire to transfer to four year institutions.
  • Urban Male Initiative (UMI): This unique program serves all male students of CCD by recognizing the unique challenges students face as an urban males. Through UMI, CCD works to develop leaders, who are ethically disciplined, morally wise and intellectually capable.
  • Women Intentional about Success and Excellence (WISE): The Women Intentional about Success and Excellence Program (WISE) provides professional and leadership development, facilitates social engagement, and assists with establishing the support essential to degree completion for women attending CCD.

Student Success Workshops                                   

Any CCD student can participate in our free success workshops and you can also add the workshops to your resume! Gain some applicable knowledge on college, simple life-hacks, and other life-survival skills.

The workshop calendars will help you plan in advance for the upcoming sessions. Call our office, 303.556.4964, to reserve your seat, as there are limited spaces in each session.

View the Resource Center Calendar of Events and attend one of our free workshops.

Each year, the success workshops are designed to give you additional insight on some of the following topics:

  • Using CCDConnect
  • Using CCD Student Email
  • Create a Class-by-Class Guide to Earning Your Degree/Certificate
  • Finances & Money Matters
  • Time Management
  • Communication
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Stress Management
  • Study Skills
  • Test Taking Skills
  • Your Learning Style
  • Transferring from CCD to a Four-Year University
  • Careers in the “Helping” Professions
  • Tips on Searching for Scholarships & Scholarship Essay Writing
  • Denver Scholarship Foundation Requirements
  • And MORE!