About the AAC

CCD’s Academic Advisors are an active and important part of a student’s SUCCESS team! The relationship that you have with your assigned Academic Advisor is critical, ensuring that you choose the right major or program for your educational and career goals and reach the goal of graduation and/or transfer.

We want you to succeed and reach your goals!


All programs and majors are organized into seven Advising Pathways, each with their own advising “experts.” Advising at CCD is based around a one student, one advisor model, meaning you  will ideally meet with one Academic Advisor throughout your entire academic career at CCD. This strengthens that connection and serves as a single point of contact for your advising questions, general concerns, campus resources, and success support.

New and transfer students are assigned an advisor based on your declared program or major within two weeks after each semester begins. The Academic Advising Center on the first floor of the Confluence building is the place to go to connect with Academic Advisors.

Come see us, we are here for you!

Pathway: Arts, Humanities, & Design

Senior Advisor – Benita Olivas*

Academic Advisors: Lynne Stefanowski | Queen Telisma | Deborah Graham | Rosalinda Martinez

American Sign Language Plan of Study (AA)
Art History (AA) - DWD
Chinese Plan of Study (AA)
English/Journalism Plan of Study (AA)
English/Literature Emphasis (AA) - DWD
English/Writing Plan of Study (AA)
French (AA) - DWD
Geography (AA) - DWD
German Plan of Study (AA)Communication (AA) - DWD
Graphic Design (AAS)
Graphic Design (Certificate)

Graphic Design Plan of Study (AA)
History (AA) - DWD
Liberal Arts (AGS)
Multi-Media Journalism (Certificate)
Music (AA) - DWD
Music Business Plan of Study (AA)
Music Industry Studies Plan of Study (AA)
Music Performance Plan of Study (AA)
Philosophy (AA) - DWD
Recording Arts Plan of Study (AA)
Spanish (AA) - DWD
Studio Art (AA) - DWD
Theater (AA) - DWD
Theater Plan of Study (AA)
Visual Arts Plan of Study (AA)

*Senior Advisor is also an assigned Advisor for a group of advisees in this Pathway

Pathway: Business & Public Administration

Senior Advisor – Mary Ann Matheny*

Academic Advisors: Brenda Diaz Olivas | LaVerne Donelson

Accounting (AAS)
Administrative Assistant (AAS)
Administrative Assistant (Certificate)
Bookkeeping (Certificate)
Business (AA, DWD)
Economics (AA, DWD)
Entrepreneurship (Certificate)
Legal Administrative Assistant (AAS)
Management (AAS)
Management (Certificate)

Marketing (AAS)
Medical Administrative Assistant (AAS)
Medical Administrative Assistant (Certificate)
Office Assistant (Certificate)
Office Manager (AAS)
Office Manager (Certificate)
Retail Management (Certificate)
Real Estate (AAS)
Tax Preparation (Certificate)

*Senior Advisor is also an assigned Advisor for a group of advisees in this Pathway

Pathway: Education & Teaching

Senior Advisor – Christine Smith Olsey*

Early Childhood Education (AAS)
Early Childhood Education Director (Certificate)
Early Childhood Education Teacher Level I (Certificate)
Early Childhood Education Teacher Level II (Certificate)

Early Childhood Education Transfer Agreement (AA)
Elementary Education Transfer Agreement (AA)
Outdoor Recreation (Certificate)
Secondary Education – transfer, all subjects of study; Teacher Licensure intentions (AA or AS)

*Senior Advisor is also an assigned Advisor for a group of advisees in this Pathway

Pathway: Health Sciences

Senior Advisor (supervising) – Christine Smith Olsey*

Academic Advisors: Daniela Higgins (Lowry Programs) | Natalie Bokelberg (Pre-Health Transfer Programs)

Allied Health: All Pre-Allied Health Students

Commuted Tomography (Certificate)
Dental Hygiene (AAS)
Dental Hygiene (BAS)
Emergency Medical Services (AAS)
Emergency Medical Technology (EMT) (Certificate)
Home Health Aide (Certificate)
Integrated Nursing Pathway (AGS)
Mammography (Certificate)
Medical Assisting (AAS)
Nurse Aide (Certificate)
Pre-Dentistry Plan of Study (AS)

Pre-Medical Plan of Study (AS)
Pre-Nursing Plan of Study (AS)
Pre-Nutrition Plan of Study (AS)
Pre-Pharmacy Plan of Study (AS)
Pre-Physical Therapy Plan of Study (AS)
Pre-Physician’s Assistant Plan of Study (AS)
Pre-Veterinary Science Plan of Study (AS)
Radiologic Technology (AAS)
Radiation Therapy (Certificate)
Veterinary Technology (AAS)
Veterinary Technology Assistant (Certificate)

*Senior Advisor is also an assigned Advisor for a group of advisees in this Pathway

Pathway: Industry, Manufacturing, & Construction

Senior Advisor – Benita Olivas

CHAMP Case Manager - Tim Huggins (Academic Advisor for All Programs except ARCH and Applied Tech)

Academic Advisor – Christine Smith Olsey* (Academic Advisor for ARCH and Applied Tech)

Arc Welder (Certificate)
Applied Technology (AAS)
Architectural Computer Visualizations (Certificate)
Architecture Professional Studies (ARE Prep) (Certificate)
Architectural Technologies (AAS)
Architectural Technologies Professional Development (Certificate)
Basic Architectural Technologies (Certificate)
Basic Machining (Certificate)
Basic Mechanical (Certificate)
Basic Welding (Certificate)
CNC Machine Tool Operator (Certificate)
CNC Manufacturing (AAS)

CNC Management (AAS)
Fabrication Welder (AAS)
Fabrication Welder (Certificate)
Industrial Maintenance Technologies (Certificate)
Intermediate Architectural Technologies (Certificate)
Intermediate Machining (Certificate)
Intermediate Mechanical (Certificate)
Intermediate Welding (Certificate)
Inventor (Certificate)
Mechanical Drafter (AAS)
Revit (Certificate)
Solidworks (Certificate)

Pathway: Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math (STEM)

Senior Advisor: Darla Ruff*

Academic Advisors: Paula Ogilve | Petia Ouzounova | Coral Scherma

Biology (AS, DWD)
Chemistry (AS, DWD)
Computer Information Systems (AAS)
Computer Service and Support (Certificate)
Computer Technology (Certificate)
Environmental Science Plan of Study (AS)

Geology (AS, DWD)
Information Technology (AAS)
Mathematics (AS, DWD)
Network Security (Certificate)
Physics (AS, DWD)
Pre-Computer Science Plan of Study (AS)
Pre-Engineering Plan of Study (AS)

*Senior Advisor is also an assigned Advisor for a group of advisees in this Pathway

Pathway: Social & Behavioral Sciences

Senior Advisor: Darla Ruff*

Academic Advisor: Vicki Karst

Anthropology (AA, DWD)
Behavioral Sciences Plan of Study (AS)
Criminal Justice (AA, DWD)
Criminal Justice (AAS)
General Paralegal (Certificate)
Homeland Security (Certificate)
Human Services Transfer (MSU) - (AAS)
Human Services Pre-Social Work (MSU) - (AAS)

Paralegal (AAS)
Paralegal Transfer (CU Denver) - (AAS)
Political Science (AA, DWD)
Psychology (AA, DWD)
Psychology (AS, DWD)
Residential Aide/Case Management (Certificate)
Sociology (AA, DWD)

*Senior Advisor is also an assigned Advisor for a group of advisees in this Pathway


If you are unsure as to who your Advisor is or uncertain about your Pathway/program of study, please contact the Academic Advising Center, Confluence building 1st floor or by phone at 303.556.2481.

Before seeing an Academic Advisor, you must complete the Steps to Enrollment and complete the following:

Once steps are complete, come to the Academic Advising Center, Confluence building first floor, One Stop or call 303.556.2481 to make an appointment.