About AAC

The Academic Advising Center (AAC) recognizes that time and money spent on your education is one of the most important investments you will ever make. Our General Studies Advisors are committed to helping you select programs of study and classes to successfully meet your short and long-term goals.

Meet with the Right Advisor

  • General Studies Advisors at the AAC serve all NEW students. After completing New Student Orientation, you should connect with the AAC for initial advising. We advise for all majors and programs, as well as undeclared and undecided students.
  • Any student needing to complete developmental education courses should see an AAC General Studies Advisor for initial advising.
  • Program Advisors are housed within the academic centers and serve continuing students who have a declared and confirmed major or program and who are at college-level. Students will be referred to a Program Advisor after completing your initial advising with AAC's General Studies Advisors.
  • Students seeking a certificate that is 30 credits or less should connect right away with the Program Advisor for your academic center.

Meeting with Your General Studies Advisor

The best time to see an advisor is before the start of peak registration each semester. Advisors are knowledgeable about all college resources and can inform you of campus specialists who can further assess your needs and provide access to appropriate programs and services. The AAC is here to support you; however, you are ultimately responsible for monitoring your own progress and understanding CCD policies. As a result of connecting with the AAC you will:

  • Understand who your General Studies Advisor (or Program Advisor) is and how to connect with him/her.
  • Understand your next steps as to course registration and how to engage in future advising, including referrals to program advisors if/when applicable.
  • Understand the connection between CCD coursework and transfer/program completion career goals.
  • Be directed and referred to resources and offices on campus that contribute to your overall retention and individual needs pertaining to the completion of academic and career goals.