Office of Registration & Records

Registering for Classes

If you are not yet accepted into the College, please begin the steps to enrollment now. All students are assigned an “S Number” (or Student ID Number), which will be used throughout your time at CCD, including registering for classes online at CCDConnect. Below are the steps to help you register in Navigate. You may also call us or visit the Cyber Center on the first floor of the Confluence Building for assistance.

Log into CCDConnect click on NAVIGATE.

Click on PLANNER once you log into Navigate.

  • After you click on Planner, if your Pathway Advisor planned courses for you to take, a window may pop up and you’ll be asked to add/deny the planned courses.
  • Once you are in your planner, you can see the classes for your degree or plan ahead for your future semesters.
  • To add a new semester/term: under My Academic Plan > click on +Add a new term > add the semester you want to plan classes for.

After you search for or drop and drag the classes you want to add, click on View/ Edit Schedule.

  • You can click the light bulb icon to see Tips for Scheduling Courses.

You can choose the Days and Times that you want! 

  • To see the details for days, times, instructor, and delivery methods click on sections.
  • To add the class, click on Add Section.

When you are done adding sections, click on the register button.  A window will pop up and tell you if courses were successfully registered. If you have questions or run into concerns or errors, we are here to help you, contact Academic Advising at 303-556-2481 or

Academic Standing

Students on academic suspension are unable to register for courses. Please see the suspension advisor in the Academic Advising and Student Success Center in Confluence Building, room 123 to initiate the reinstatement process.

Course Load

You should discuss with your advisor the number of courses to sign up for in a semester. The maximum load for all students is 18 credit hours. Special permission may be granted from the Director of Advising to enroll in more than 18 credit hours.

Auditing Classes

You may audit—or take for no credit—courses listed in the schedule at the regular tuition rate. The deadline to apply to audit a course is the census date (see calendar). You cannot change an “audit” to a “for-credit” class after the census date. The College Opportunity Fund does not apply to audited courses.

Add a Course to Your Schedule

It is your responsibility to add or drop courses by the published deadline. Adding or dropping classes may affect financial aid. Please check with the Financial Aid Office for details.

  • You can add classes to your class schedule up until the last day to register according to published deadlines.
  • If a class is full and closed for registration, you will have the option to waitlist for the course. If you need help to add a course to the waitlist please see your Advisor.  
  • Once a seat becomes available due to another student dropping the course, the first student on the waitlist will be notified of the opening via their college assigned student e-mail account. The open seat is then reserved for a period of 24 hours. Students must take action to be added to the class within that time, or the system will notify the next student on the waitlist.
  • The college will not allow exceptions for students who do not register within the time allowed.
  • Students may have less than 24 hours to register if the time allowed overlaps with the last day to register. Check your email frequently for notifications of open seats.

Drop a Course from Your Schedule

  • You may drop courses for a full refund by the census date (the last day to drop and receive a refund or not be charged for the class). After census day, you can withdraw from your class until the published deadline and receive a “W” grade.
  • Withdrawals: You may withdraw from a class or classes after the refund deadline and receive a grade of “W” through the “Last day to Withdraw” date. There will be no exceptions to the withdraw deadline. CCD will not issue a refund. See your advisor and instructor before withdrawing. If you receive financial aid, check with the Financial Aid Office to ensure that withdrawing from a class will not affect your loans, scholarships or grants.

A prerequisite is a required course that must be successfully completed before you can register for the course that identifies that prerequisite. An example of this is CHE 111, General College Chemistry. A student must have taken the prerequisites with a ‘C’ or better in ENG 121 and MAT 121 in order to enroll in CHE 111. Students can refer to the college catalog and class schedule for the required prerequisites of classes.

Most CCD courses have a reading skill prerequisite and/or a required assessment score. You must either take the placement test from the Testing Center or have the equivalent on your transcripts or ACT/SAT test scores to be exempt from the basic skills test.

If you try to enroll in a course without the appropriate prerequisite, the online registration will generate the error “Prereq and Test Score-Error.” You will not be able to register.

A co-requisite is a course or requirement that must be completed during the same semester as the course that identifies the co-requisite.

  • An example of this is CCR 094, which must be taken with ENG 121.
  • Students should refer to the CCD catalog and class schedule for accompanying co-requisite(s). 
  • You can pick another section that is open or contact the Advising office for waitlist options.