Study Skills Toolkit

Did you know that most students who learn strong study strategy skills are more successful for both face-to-face and remote learning? These same skills contribute to course success and transfer to career success, too. By knowing how to be an advocate for your learning, you will be more able to meet your goals.

Notetaking Tips

Take good notes using 1/3-2/3 method for lectures and course reading. Find ways to annotate and create a personal study guide using the Before, During and After (BDA) Note Taking strategy.

Reading Strategies

Reading is a large part of the course load. Using reading strategies can help you navigate texts with ease and can improve your comprehension. So, when it’s time to complete assignments or participate in class lectures, you have the essential information for text to help you better understand course content. Learn about SQ3R reading strategy to read with a purpose and learn how textbooks can improve your understanding by using textbook features to navigate your textbook.

Test Preparation

Test preparation strategies for planning and practicing study techniques to improve remembering course material and concepts.

Time Management

Make time conscious choices using time management strategies to find balance between academic, personal, and professional responsibilities.

Making Time Conscious Choices

Last updated: 
September 28, 2022