Spring Semester Withdraw Deadline | Full 15-Week Courses

This is the deadline to officially withdraw from a regular, full-term course.

A grade of "W" will appear on official records and full tuition and fees will be assessed. Consult your instructor or designated academic advisor before withdrawing. Please note that withdrawals can negatively impact financial aid.

Important Information to Note: The withdrawal deadline date varies for accelerated, late-start classes, so make sure to check your "Detailed Student Schedule" on CCDConnect in your Student tab under to see the withdrawal deadline for your course(s). Make sure to clear any registration holds you may have on your account. Registration holds prevent all registration activity. This includes adding, dropping and withdrawing from courses. Having a registration hold is not a reason to miss the published deadlines so check your account regularly. Late withdrawals are not permitted.  Make sure to check your registration status.



Please contact CCD's Office of Registration & Records office at 303.556.2420 (or CCD.ORR@ccd.edu using your college-assigned email).

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You may review the Academic Calendar for the most accurate and current information.

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