Scholarships Available for Students Who Have Been Emancipated from Foster Care
Key is Finding Them

Imagine growing up in foster care. While that thought brings forth both good and bad imagery for many children, most eagerly await emancipation from a life of foster care and the chance to make it on their own.

But for many foster care graduates, the Grinch has seemingly stolen the ultimate path to independence and self-sufficiency – a college education. Fortunately, ‘tis the season for making those wishes come true through a partnership between the Forward Steps and the Community College of Denver (CCD).

A new study shows that in Colorado, about half of homeless students graduated with their high school class while children in the foster care system were less likely to graduate from high school. For those that work hard and make it through high school, the potential disappointment for those who want to go on to college but don’t have the means could be overwhelming.

Forward Steps is a non-profit organization committed to helping these young adults transition successfully from foster care to independence and is now providing the ultimate tool to ensuring a rewarding and successful life – college scholarships to the Community College of Denver.

Forward Steps has partnered exclusively with CCD to provide up to $3,000 to students who have been emancipated from Colorado’s foster care system and the scholarships are available now- just in time for the spring semester.  

There’s only one problem, Forward Steps has 15 scholarships to award, but no students to take them.

“So far, Forward Steps has awarded only four scholarships, so we’re on the hunt for foster care grads who want to take advantage of this unique opportunity,” says Forward Steps Executive Director Sabrina Huffaker. “For many in foster care, a college education is at the top of their wish lists. On our end, Forward Steps’ sleigh is fully loaded with Guardian Scholars Scholarships. We just need to find the students!”

For more information about accessing these scholarships, contact Sabrina Huffaker at Forward Steps, 303.404.9966.

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