Faculty Member Teresa Adams to Serve on College Board Team

Renowned in their fields, CCD faculty and staff frequently serve our surrounding community in ways we often don’t hear about. Faculty of the Math Department, Teresa Adams, is one such example.

Earlier this year, College Board—a private company that develops and administers standardized tests to promote college-readiness—announced significant changes to the fall 2015 PSAT and the 2016 SAT, in time for the class for 2017 to start prepping and studying for the new tests. Before they do, a group of well-respected teachers and professors across the U.S. are reviewing the contents of the exam.

CCD’s own Teresa Adams is serving on the national team as one of the Math content experts who is reviewing and analyzing the changed exam. Teresa’s work is one example of how CCD serves our community—and the nation as a whole.

The changes to the exam are intended to better reflect the material students should be learning in high school and improve the SAT’s reliability as an indicator of how prepared applicants are to tackle college work. Learn more about the changes to the test and how students can prepare for the new exam here.