Cashy Rowley: Snowboarder and Influencer

Cashy, aka @RowleyAdventures, is a TikTok sensation who has taken over the internet with her snowboard and tutus.
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Cashy is a 6-year-old snowboarder that has shredded her way to almost 1 million followers’ hearts on TikTok with the help of her parents, Nick and Whitney. This little grom is known to enhance her technique by wearing tutus. Based out of Idaho, this family of snowboarders has traveled all over to ride some of the most epic mountains in the world.

Cashy’s parents, who have been together for 15 years and both on a board by the age of 12, have a background in entrepreneurship and marketing, making it second nature to them to become influencers as well as showcase their daughter’s skills and hilarious mid-mountain commentary. Nick and Whitney decided to pursue a life with their girl on the internet and it’s clearly paying off.

Getting into Snowboarding

Do you remember when you got your first snowboard?

Cashy: One. That big. *motions with hands*

Dad: She was first on a board on her first birthday. But she never really rode consistently. It was kind of two or three days or so in a season, more so introducing her to snow, getting her comfortable, more snow angels and snowball fights than anything. Just trying to have fun in the elements. And then it was probably around 3 – late 3 [to] 4-years old when she saw mom riding her snowboard because we used to just run beside her on the magic carpet because it was so little. And she saw mom riding and said, “Oh look how good mom is!” That kind of was the trigger at that she at that point wanted to go riding all the time.

Favorite Snowboarder and TikTok People

You were at the X-Games recently and got to meet a bunch of cool athletes and TikTok people. Who was the nicest? Who was the steeziest?

Cashy: Zoi!

Dad: Zoi Sadowski

Cashy: And she has style too.

Dad: She does have good style too, huh? So Zoi for both questions. She’s the nicest and has the most style.

Who else did you get to meet?

Cashy: I got to meet someone, Wooly. Yeah, Wooly.

I also saw on TikTok that you got to meet SnowboardJesus?

Cashy: Yeppp. AND we went to a castle. It’s a play castle.

Mom: HalfCabKing showed you that one too, huh?

Cashy: Uhhh, HalfCabKing was in the blue.

Mom & Dad: That was SnowboardJesus. HalfCabKing was in the yellow.

Cashy: Oh yeah.


Have you been working on more jumps? I saw the video on TikTok of you and your mom jumping. Don’t tell your mom, but I think you might be better at jumps than me AND her.

Cashy: I think she heard you.

Mom: *laughs* Yeah, Mom knows.

Dad: Have you been working on more jumps?

Cashy: Mmmm, not really.

Dad: We kind of hit those tree jumps. After your Mom hit it, you were hitting those in the trees and stuff like that. We haven’t really hit the park jumps since you and Mom did. So she rides one day a week, she has a group of friends she rides with that are all 12-year-old boys that take her all around to these crazy [spots], through the trees, off the side of the run jumps, all that kind of stuff. And she follows right along. She doesn’t send as hard, but she definitely pushes herself. It’s really fun to watch her ride with some boys double her age.

Safety First

Do you have any safety tips while riding?

Cashy: Ehhh *thinking mode activated*

Dad: What are some things we tell you when we’re on the mountain? What do you do before you take off?

Cashy: Look up the mountain.

Mom: Where do you stop on the mountain?

Cashy: The side!

Dad: On the side. That’s right. And then you always wear what to protect your head?

Cashy: Helmet. And I also wear something to protect my eyes from snow going in. Goggles. And I have a thing that connects to my googles [Bavaklava]

Dad: What do you wear to protect your bum?

Cashy: Butt pads.

Sponsorship and Travel

Do you have any sponsors? 

Cashy: Uh, A LOT!

Mom: What do we put in our drinks?

Cashy: LMNT.

Mom: What do we drink out of?

Cashy: Uhh… ehh… DrinkTanks.

Mom: And what do we film with?

Cashy: GoPro.

You’re sponsored by GoPro?! Oh my god. I was going to ask for one of those for my birthday! Oh my gosh, that is so cool.

Cashy: Maybe we could send one to you!

Dad: GoPro’s actually sending us where in March, Cashy? Do you remember the name of the country? I showed you this morning.

Cashy: Switzerland!

Are you going to Laax?

Dad and Mom: We are. That’ll be her twelfth country.

Favorite Mountain

What is your favorite mountain you’ve shredded so far?

Cashy: Hmm. Bogus Basin! [Cashy’s home mountain]

Mom & Dad: What’s your second favorite? You like Buttermilk?

Cashy: *nods head yes*

Dad: What about Mammoth? What’s at Mammoth?

Cashy: Yeah! Mammoth. Wonderland Park!

Dad & Mom: That’s probably the best one we’ve been at. Terrain park wise, yeah, you advance like crazy there. Mhm.

The Infamous Tutu

You love wearing tutus while snowboarding. I must ask, how many tutus do you own?

Cashy: A 100. *chuckles*

Mom & Dad: Probably. Probably close to 35-40. We’ve acquired quite the collection and last year a lot of people sent us tutus in the mail, which was super awesome. We have them all and we shred them until they’re completely shredded.

Board Size

What size board do you ride?

Cashy: Uh….. 100.

I’m only at a 140. We’re not too far apart.

Cashy: 140?!

Mom: Mom’s a 148.

Cashy: My mom is a 148. You two are really close.

Career Options

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Cashy: A lot of stuff. I want to be a police officer and an animal doctor and… what was the other stuff I wanted to be?

Mom & Dad: Changes by the day, kiddo.

Cashy: I also do want to be a doctor.

Dad: Didn’t you want to be an animal doctor?

Cashy: Mhm. And a dentist.

Mom & Dad: And a dentist?? She wants to do something different every day.

It looks like you both have a lot of degrees to pay for.

Cashy: And the one I would do first when I grow up is police officer.

Because you want to protect all the people out there?

Cashy: Yeah, [from] all the bad guys.

Internet Fame

Was there a particular moment when you were like, “Woah! Cashy’s TikTok famous?”

Mom: We still can’t believe it and when people say we’re famous, it sounds so weird.

Dad: I think they key part that happened to us is when we were down in Chile this summer and we were riding and one of the workers on the lift came out of nowhere. The video is live on all our channels. And she comes up and is like, “Oh my gosh! I follow you guys on TikTok!” She recognized Cashy from the tutu and I think that was kind of that moment of like, “Wow, we are much bigger than we know.”

Future of Cashy

I hope to see Cashy in the X-Games and Olympics in the future, if that’s what she wants, of course.

Dad: Yeah, of course. She has all the support in the world, and from many different corners now, but you know, that’s something she has to truly want to pursue herself. We don’t push the competition thing, but if she sees one and wants to get into it, we have no problem with it. We’re there to help her.