Tips for Searching & Applying for Scholarships | Part 2

Tips for a Successful Application

Applying for scholarships may feel like a heavy task, but we're always here to help!

Tips to Help You Stay on Track

Your scholarship application represents you. Keep these thoughts in mind:

  • Your chances of winning a scholarship depend on your efforts, your academic and curricular background, and how well you prepare your application.
  • Apply for as many scholarships as you can. You can’t win if you don’t apply.
  • Apply only if you are eligible.
  • Apply early.
  • Follow directions.
  • Neatness counts.
  • Complete the application in full.
  • Watch out for deadlines.
  • Ask someone to proofread your application and essay before you submit.
  • Make copies before sending.
  • Ask for help.

Keep Yourself Organized

  • Choose the scholarships for which you plan to apply.
  • Follow the application instructions carefully. Call or email and ask for help if you have questions.
  • Set aside time to apply for scholarships.
  • Create a checklist that includes all of the required supplemental materials such as essays, recommendations, and student aid report, in addition to the application itself.
  • Create a calendar with reminders; calendar services like Microsoft Outlook or Google Calendar are invaluable tools for keeping track of scholarship deadlines.
  • Set up email alerts.
  • Keep copies of all your scholarship essays. Keeping copies on your computer will save you time as you prepare essays for different scholarships. You will be able to copy and paste information to other essays quickly and easily.
  • Name your saved documents on your computer with the title of scholarship and the date you last worked on it; that way you can keep track of all the essays you have written.

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