The Faces of 2016 Commencement

Congratulations to all CCD students on a successful year, especially our many graduates.

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CCD honor student giving a speech during Commencement
CCD Commencement speaker Angelica Prisciliano is heading to University of Colorado Denver in the fall with the intention of becoming an immigration lawyer.

Grogan Close.jpg

woman in glasses and black robe speaks at graduation
Denver-area business leader and philanthropist Barbara Grogan was this year’s commencement speaker.

Epper Podium.jpg

woman standing at podium wearing black and blue cap and gown
CCD Provost Rhonda Epper

EE Handshake.jpg

man hands graduate his diploma during commencement
CCD President Everette Freeman tells students to 'congratulate yourselves on your incredible grit and tenacity.'


honor student walks proudly across the stage to receive his diploma
CCD Student Government Association President Christopher Empson

Yes we can Yes i did hat.jpg

graduation cap decordated with Bronco's logo and other writing
In Spanish, his cap says, Yes We Can, Yes I Did - CCD Proud


person wearing purple cap and gown and yellow sash indicating honor society
Over 665 students have qualified for graduation this semester alone, a 15 percent increase over last year.


male students wearing purple caps and gowns
In May 2016, 348 CCD students participated in Commencement.


woman in purple cap and gown and gold sash receives a high five in celebration
Seventeen percent of our graduates are transferring in pursuit of a four-year degree.


man with puprle cap and gown smiles at commencement
CCD students are transferring to such colleges as Cornell University, Colorado School of Mines, the University of Denver, Colorado State University, University of Hawaii-Hilo, University of Colorado Denver and Metropolitan State University of Denver


faculty in black cap and gowns smile in a group
Graduation is a special event for faculty and staff because it provides all of us the opportunity to witness the culminating academic event in the lives of our CCD students.


faculty wearing caps and gowns at commencement
Faculty celebrate another year completed.


two females and man in black cap and gowns at commencement
SBCCOE Board Member Theresa Pena, CCD President Everette Freeman, Commencement Speaker Barbara Grogan


"Few things require more effort of us than the taxing work of thinking and concentration. In an age of instant gratification, it is hard, really hard, to commit to the oftentimes slow and arduous work of learning something new. It takes time and persistence to acquire new skills, knowledge and competence. Thinking is hard work. If it were not so, every ditch digger would possess a Ph.D. The point I am making is that there is something truly uplifting in pursuing a certificate or associate degree at CCD that you know but may not stop to savor. The end of an academic year is a fine time to pause, take a deep breath, and congratulate yourselves on your incredible grit and tenacity."

~ CCD Everette Freeman in his article, "Producing Leaders the Old Fashion Way: Grit and Tenacity. Read the full article here.


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