Student Emergency Aid Campaign: A Special Message from Leah Goss, CCD Foundation Director

As we have made the transition to working remotely during this public health crisis over the past two weeks, I’m sure we have had many feelings.  

I am acutely aware, however, that the COVID-19 pandemic has created immediate hardship and uncertainty for our students. Many of their jobs disappeared overnight and they may have no income to pay rent, buy food, or make tuition payments. Their needs are urgent.  

This is a critical time in our students’ lives and the Coronavirus has the potential to derail their goals and dreams. We CAN’T let that happen! 

Last week the Community College of Denver Foundation launched the COVID-19 Student Emergency Aid Campaign to support our students’ basic needs and ensure that they can remain enrolled in their classes.   

The CCD Foundation immediately dedicated $10,000 to the campaign and pledged another $5,000 to match the first $5,000 donated to the fund. The match was met within 24 hours and the fund now stands at nearly $23,000! 

Student requests for aid have started pouring in. The Foundation is partnering with the student services team to respond to these needs as quickly as possible. There is no doubt that more funds are needed, so our current fundraising goal is to reach $30,000 in the next 72 hours!  

As so many have said already, we are all in this together. Would you please join me in making a “gratefulness gift” to the COVID-19 Student Emergency Aid Campaign? Your contribution will make an immediate impact in the life of a CCD student.

Donate Today!

For questions or more information, please contact Leah Goss