New Scholarship In Memory of Staff Relative

Jane Binns, LMS Coordinator for TLC and Online Learning, shares her story.

Jane Binns is the LMS Coordinator for TLC and Online Learning at CCD. Earl W. Chilton II, Ph.D., who passed away on July 19, 2022, at the age of 65, was Jane's half-brother. Jane and her mother are setting up a scholarship in his honor, and she shared the story of finding Earl with the CCD Foundation. 

Jane first learned that she had a half-brother when she was 18. Her mother had given him up for adoption in 1957 under duress from both her family and her boyfriend’s family. She had wanted to keep him but hoped and believed he would have more opportunities if he were adopted. As it turned out, she was right, and he was adopted by his parents, a couple in their 40s who wanted a bi-racial child.  

Several times in the years since Jane learned of her brother, she wanted to find him, but the possibility always made her mother sad, so she decided not to pursue it. However, in 2007 Jane shared this story with a co-worker, who had been a private detective in a previous career, and she set about to find him. Within three weeks, she did, and on New Year’s Eve 2007, they spoke for the very first time.  

Earl had been a professional athlete in track and field, pre-Olympic in his early life. He received a Doctorate in Biology from Ohio State University and worked as an invasive species specialist for the state of Texas. He also taught biology and chemistry in higher education institutions both in Texas and Ohio over the course of his career. He was a musician, reverend, beloved father to three sons, and steadfast husband to his wife.  

He maintained a close connection with everyone in Jane’s family, especially with Jane’s mother, over the 14 years they knew him. He had a wonderful sense of humor, a warm and generous spirit, and a kindness that is deeply missed.  

Donations to the scholarship in memory of Earl W. Chilton may be given by following the link below and indicating ‘Chilton Scholarship’ in the memo. To date, $500 has been given, and the CCD Foundation is looking for staff, family, and friends to match this amount for a total award of $1,000 can be given to a deserving CCD student.