Faith Florez, the Mind Behind Calor the App.

We hear about historical Latinx figures in society, but what about the young Latinx people doing incredible work in the world of activism?  

Faith Florez is a third-generation Mexican-American and descendant of farmworkers. After hearing about the hardships that her grandfather used to face working in the fields such as heatstroke, Florez created an app for farmworkers called ‘Calor: Heat Safety for Farms’.  

The app is engineered for those who work long hours outside in the heat, which is only getting worse due to climate change. Calor app serves many functions including tracking vitals, connects workers to organizations that help farmworkers in California’s Central Valley, educational videos from Cal/OSHA’s heat training program, and even notifications on when to take breaks.  

Florez said in a YouTube video, “The Calor app includes an emergency hotline. Farmworkers are working acres and acres of land so this app connects them to emergency services with great accuracy so that they can get to them quickly. Heatstroke progresses very rapidly and a lot of times it can be fatal.”  

In 2019, Florez was honored as a Three Dot Dash Global Teen Leader for her work. The ‘Calor: Heat Safety for Farms’ app is available for download in the app store. 

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, we encourage you as CCD students to share a Latinx person that inspires you.