Q & A with Sandy Guinn

Meet Sandy Guinn – Associate Professor of Art


Degrees and Certificates

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts | Drake University
  • Master of Fine Arts in Interdisciplinary Arts | Goddard College
  • Certificate in Art Therapy

Q & A

Professional Organizations

  • Former VP for the Rural Colorado Arts Access Program

What do you do at CCD?

I am a full-time art professor in the Fine Art Department at CCD, where I teach several different studio art classes: Drawing #1, Drawing #2, 2D Design, Figure Drawing, Painting #1, and Mural / Faux Finish Course. I am the curator of the CCD Student Gallery (The Dock Gallery) and I also oversee the student art club.

What awards have you received?

I am the proud holder of a Certificate of Appreciation awarded to me by the Southern Poverty Law Center in recognition of my contribution to the ongoing fight against intolerance in America. I was added to the wall of tolerance in Montgomery Alabama.

What do you enjoy most about your work?

Hands down, it’s the students here at CCD. It is a wonderfully diverse group of individuals all coming together for a common goal of bettering themselves to improve their chances of being a successful member of society.

When you’re not working, what do you do?

I am a working artist in addition to teaching the arts so I spend a significant amount of time in my studio practicing what I preach. I also have three small dogs that keep me very busy and entertained. When not doing those things I love spending time with my adult daughter and granddaughter.

What moment at CCD stands out as the most memorable?

Probably, it was when my mural class was featured on channel 9 news for creating a large-scale mural on W Colfax as part of a larger effort to improve the appearance of that area.

Who had the greatest influence on your education and/or career path?

It was my longtime friend and colleague, Dr. Don Seastrum. He got me my first teaching gig at RMCAD teaching Color Theory. He was also instrumental in convincing me to go back to school at age 37 to earn my MFA degree.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

"Fear is your enemy." My drawing #1 teacher said that to me over and over again until I decided to let my guard down and take risks and experiment with my art. If I had not gotten over my fear of failure when it came to my artwork I am certain I would not be where I am today.

Which three people (living or dead) would you invite to dinner and why?

Gandhi because he was such a wonderful and outspoken humanitarian, Vincent Van Gogh because he was such a tormented soul, God because I am dying to know the meaning of life....

What or who can’t you live without?

My dogs; Otis, Slinky, and Poppi