Equity Cove: A place for ALL

  • A table in the corner with orange chairs and photos on the wall.

Community College of Denver has little “chill zones” all over the Auraria Campus, with the newest one being Equity Cove. Let’s dive deeper into the thought process behind the space and how it came to be.

About a year ago, John O'leary, an English professor at CCD, and fellow faculty member, Nicole Servino, came up with this concept of an architectural safe zone with an equity theme. “The Cove is a specific area where students can visit, reflect and become informed about specific services at CCD,” said O'leary. With limited resources and a vision, Professor O'leary created a special space for students on the third floor of Cherry Creek in Room 314.

It may not look like much now, but Equity Cove is not fully complete; postcards with resources offered by CCD and the Auraria Campus will be readily available for students to help them succeed during their time here. The name itself reflects the Cove’s goal to promote equity and inclusion in a safe place and supports CCD’s Mission Statement: CCD provides our diverse community an opportunity to gain quality higher education and achieve personal and professional success in a supportive and inclusive environment.

When John O'leary was asked what his aspirations and expectations for Equity Cove were, he responded with, “My hope is that the space is popular and well-visited, and that it helps students feel more welcome at the college, and more informed about CCD support services. I also believe that the information on the postcards can evolve and change over time, as so that the space is somewhat dynamic, and different services are highlighted.”

To all CityHawks, new or returning, we hope you find solace in this space made specifically with you in mind. While it is not completely secluded, it is a quiet, calm environment for people to hangout, get work done, and escape the stress of both everyday life and the pressure of school.