The College Tour: Coffee with the President
The College Tour Host, Alex Boylan, had the opportunity to sit down with CCD President, Dr. DeSanctis.

Over the Summer, Community College of Denver has had the pleasure of filming with The College Tour, an Amazon Video series meant to give students a look into different colleges and universities without spending a ton of time or money visiting schools in person.

The College Tour is hosted by Alex Boylan, which, if you didn’t know, won the show The Amazing Race with his friend in 2002. His career in front of the camera launched after that, and he has since hosted many TV series.

When Alex and CCD President Dr. Marie DeSanctis met, their energy and excitement were immediately recognizable! In this video, they sit down for coffee to discuss Dr. D’s background and all that CCD offers.

Watch for more CityHawk Talk articles on when the episodes will air and behind-the-scenes photos and footage!