CCD's 2020 Virtual Student Art Show

Can't Stop, Won't Stop
  • women wearing white shirt
  • 3-dimensional art crustacean

This is the Student Art Show that can’t be stopped, that won’t be stopped.  In the face of a pandemic, CCD students submitted works of art and design in droves—our faculty oozed with pride.  They toiled alongside work-study students and jurors to document this exemplary show.  Everything about what you see in this digital exhibit demonstrates our collective dedication to art, to creative self-expression, to design, and to student excellence.  It illustrates the tremendous force of character and determination that epitomizes the Community College of Denver.  The works in this virtual exhibit were selected for their high-quality artisanship and the students’ willingness to take artistic risks—pushing a medium, technique, or concept.  It should serve as a source of inspiration for you to continue to challenge yourself, to convert these distressing times into a stage of inspiration: you can’t stop, you won’t be stopped.  Create, express, design, be excellent!