CCD Latinx Students Share Staple Foods Growing Up
CCD students give insight to foods they had growing up in a Latinx home.

In every culture, we find an array of incredible, interesting, delicious foods. To gain more insight into Hispanic Heritage Month, Baby Swoop asked several students about foods they remember having growing up. Warning: do not read if hungry!

Ivan Ramos is a Cuban-American originally from Miami, Florida, currently getting his AAS in Graphic Design here at Community College of Denver. Ramos recalls Saturday morning breakfast with his family. “Growing up in Miami, we had a few staple meals. We had café con leche, pan con mantequilla, croquettas de jamon, and pastelitos de guayaba, de queso, y de guayaba y queso.” That translates to Cuban coffee with milk, Cuban bread, and butter, ham croquettes, pastries filled with guava, cream cheese, and guava mixed with cream cheese.” Quite the spread!

Marleasa De Leon is a Colorado native of Mexican descent and a single mother of two boys. She is currently working on a Criminal Justice degree at CCD. De Leon remembers a dish her family ate often. “Growing up, Mexican hamburgers were always something we ate frequently for dinner.” A Mexican hamburger is a flour tortilla with a hamburger patty with refried beans inside. It’s then smothered with pork green chili and topped with lettuce, tomatoes, and cheese.

Jaimee Santistevan is a CCD student working on her degree in Theatre. When asked about a staple in her Latinx household, she said, “During Christmas time, my family would always make biscochitos.” Biscochitos are thin, crisp butter cookies with cinnamon, sugar, and anise.

It would be worthwhile to make one of these incredibly delicious-sounding recipes. With Hispanic Heritage Month coming to a close, Baby Swoop advises all students and staff to give making a Latinx dish a try!