CCD Call Center Wins Customer Service Award for Live Chat

For the second time this year, CCD was awarded “Best Customer Service” by LiveHelpNow!
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Community College of Denver (CCD) has a lot to be proud of: its beautiful campus, excellent faculty, diverse and welcoming student population, and now it can add excellent customer service to the list.

For the second time this year, CCD was awarded “Best Customer Service” by LiveHelpNow! during its 2017 peak spring registration period in January.

Approximately 20 student workers and two full-time employees take an average of 80,000 calls and deploy approximately 250,000 text messages for the college each year. The Call Center handles anything from questions about the college location to how to apply for financial aid.

In addition to taking live phone calls, the Call Center handles on average 5,000 Live Chat messages each year. The LiveHelpNow! Chat feature has cut down on wait time in the Center’s queue and also reduces time that students need to stand in line.


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CCD Call Center Staff Member Ruby Lau

CCD student Ruby Lau is the Center’s team leader for the online chat. “Almost every student carries a cell phone,” said Ruby. “This feature means callers don’t have to wait in line and they can just chat with us right from their phone wherever they are.”

Gustavo M. Rivas, the Call Center manager, has been overseeing its operations since July of 2011. Launched in February of 2011, the Center now operates as CCD’s main call-in line, answering questions by phone and chat for most of the enrollment services departments across the college, to include financial aid, admissions and the cashier’s office.

“Staff have access to admissions records so we also help students with questions regarding their FAFSA, the enrollment process, class schedules and other questions,” said Rivas. “This team of hardworking students operates as customer service agents and sometimes as therapists. The top requests Call Center staff receive range from questions about the college address, information about FAFSA and other financial aid questions, enrollment status, course information and requests for directions.

“Students are so grateful for this service and really appreciate that they can ask someone a question online,” said Ruby. “My favorite part of the job is when I’m able to get a student registered for a class they really want. There’s nothing better than making someone’s day!”