CCD Celebrates Our 2017 Award Recipients

  • five students wearing medals around their necks
  • student wearing medal standing next to woman holding award
  • two men smiling, one holding an award
  • group of well dressed students holding their awards
  • SGA VP Nikolaus Martellaro with his mother
  • young man being presented the Distinguished Student Award
  • group of well dressed students holding their awards
  • group of students from the math club

With another school year complete, we salute our incredible students with awards & accolades. Congratulations to all recipients & congratulations on a successful school year!

Student Government Association

  • Matthew Charnin, SGA President
  • Nikolaus Martellaro, Vice President
  • Minh Le, Treasurer
  • Mikaelle Farrell, SACAB Representative
  • Karla Gonzalez Villa, SACAB Representative
  • Maly Mendieta, SSAC Representative
  • Christina Adjimon, SSAC Representative
  • Roberto Quezada-Hernandez, Student Representative
  • Markita Reed, Student Representative
  • Angeles Garcia-Moreno, Student Representative
  • Victoria Quezada Hernandez, Student Representative
  • Kassandra Caballero, Student Representative
  • Maya Andras, Lowry Representative

President’s Service Award

  • Victoria Quezada-Hernandez
  • Matthew Charnin
  • Roberto Quezada-Hernandez
  • Maria Del Rosario Ramierez
  • Ola Alsaadi
  • Kassandra Caballero
  • Logan Schwartz
  • Mikaelle Farrell
  • Markita Reed

Grit Award

  • Alfonso Espino
  • David Jensen
  • Selena Ordonez

Distinguished Student Award

  • Logan Schwartz

Outstanding New Student

  • Xzavier Thompson

Outstanding Student Organization

  • Math Club

Outstanding Student Organization Advisor

  • Brittni Lorton
  • Jean Hindie

Phi Theta Kappa

  • Vaso Bellis-Martellaro, Chapter Alumni
  • Lisa Marie Gulbenkian-Fertman,  President
  • Lauren E. Brooking, Executive Vice President
  • Ruby Lau,  Vice President of Leadership
  • David Jensen,  Vice President of Service
  • Stephanie Alvarado, Vice President of Communications

Psi Beta

  • President, Nicole Marchese
  • Vice President, David Maestas
  • Vice President, Kelsey Anderson
  • Secretary, Karina Khamova
  • Treasurer, Jahlia Leon

National Society for Leadership & Success

  • William Washington, President
  • Masih Hedayati, Vice President
  • Kristina Sturgill, Secretary
  • Vaso Bellis-Martellaro, Treasurer
  • Stephanie Alvardo, Publicity Chair
  • Zakaria Hagig, Fundraising Chair
  • Stephen Armour, IT Coordinator
  • Alejandra Merjil, Community Service Chair
  • Aaron Grissom, Membership Outreach Chair
  • Logan Schwartz, Social Events Chair
  • Cameron Neumann, Social Events Co-Chair
  • Heather Metz, SNT Coordinator