Auraria Executives Council Announces ACPD Community Advisory Board Members

Dear CityHawks,

The Auraria Executives Council (AEC) received 43 applications from students, faculty, staff and community members. After a thorough review and selection process, we are pleased to announce the members of the Auraria Campus Police Department’s Community Advisory Board.

From the Community College of Denver Members:

  • Queen Pompee
  • Elena Getto
  • Andrea Goldblum
  • Lisa Tafoya

Metropolitan State University of Denver Members:

  • Hannah White
  • Lauren Gutierrez
  • Nahum Kisner
  • Marcia Walsh-Aziz

 University of Colorado Denver Members:

  • Alexis Nakabayashi
  • Stephen Jefferson
  • Megan Cullen
  • Charles Musiba

Auraria Higher Education Center and the surrounding community members:

  • Rosanna Sweeney
  • Cassy Cadwallader
  • Katelynn Dugan

The advisory board will hold its first meeting in the coming weeks and will collaborate to put forth a list of actionable items related to campus issues and concerns, community outreach programs, training, and policy development to ensure that public safety aligns with campus community best practices.

We appreciate those who have stepped up to serve on this important advisory board and welcome the diverse perspectives and experiences they will bring. We look forward to seeing the results of the advisory board’s collaborative effort with the ACPD, as they work to resolve issues that directly impact the safety and quality of life for all members of the Auraria Campus community.


Everette Freeman, Ed.D.
President | Community College of Denver

Janine Davidson, Ph.D.
President | Metropolitan State University of Denver

Michelle Marks, Ph.D.
Chancellor | University of Colorado Denver

Colleen Walker
Chief Executive Officer | Auraria Higher Education Center