How One CCD Graduate Is Giving Back

CCD Alumnus Jermaine Amado develops a scholarship for a student studying photography.

This year, one deserving student will receive the J Amado Photography Scholarship.

The scholarship will be available to CCD students enrolled in at least one photography, graphic design or art course for fall semester 2019. The scholarship will be for $500 and will pay for part of the tuition for a graphic design or photography class.

Choosing to attend Community College of Denver (CCD) changed the trajectory of Jermaine’s life. As someone who worked in an industry that did not spark any passion, Jermaine found himself returning to his photography hobby as a release for creativity.


man wearing black button down sitting on a bench
CCD Alumnus Jermaine Amado

Shifting careers was a hard decision but he used the excuse to move from San Francisco back home to Colorado to be closer to his family as a way to push himself into a career in photography. To accomplish this, he sold most of his belongings so he could pay for his education. He enrolled at CCD in the fall of 2007.

Starting school, Jermaine hoped to develop some specific skills. He was like many CCD students who return to school not to complete a degree, but to focus his studies on areas that would help build his own business. He started by taking a website design course. He honed in on learning the Adobe products, learning how to create logos and creating websites. While at CCD, he loved the flow of ideas and the different perspectives that his classmates brought to their education. His experiences at CCD gave him a new outlook and drive to complete his goals and start on his career.

In 2008, he opened up J Amado Photography with a focus on capturing babies. Now, he specializes in weddings, events, family, and maternity pictures. He is planning on expanding his business by creating a satellite office in San Francisco.

Now Jermaine wants to give back to his community by creating a scholarship for a deserving CCD student. Contributing to student scholarships is his way to pay it forward for a developing creative artist/photographer. His hope is that this scholarship will help someone complete their educational goals and start their journey. And while his education at CCD was short, he, like so many others, will always be a CityHawk.

Join Jermaine & Other Alumni In Giving Back to the CityHawk Community!