Facilities Management Services


The CCD facilities staff is dedicated to providing a safe, clean, comfortable, and welcoming environment for our students, faculty, and guests of our 150-acre campus. Our department provides the following services for your convenience:

Construction Projects
Facilities Management
Facilities Services

Furniture Setup and Removal

Buildings & Locations

Facilities services three main campuses: Auraria Campus in partnership with Auraria Higher Education (AHEC), Lowry Campus in partnership with CCCS, and machining & welding at CCD's Advanced Manufacturing Center.

CCD Auraria Campus | P.O. Box 173363 | Denver, CO 80217-3363

  • Cherry Creek Building | 1111 West Colfax Avenue
  • Confluence Building | 800 Curtis Street
  • Clear Creek Building | 1030 Street Francis Way
  • Boulder Creek Building | 950 10th Street
  • Bear Creek | 777 Lawrence Street

Center for Health Sciences | CCD Lowry | 1070 Alton Way,  Denver, CO 80230

Dental Hygiene Program | CCD Lowry | 1062 Akron Way, Denver, CO 80230

Advanced Manufacturing Center | 2570 31st Street, Denver, CO 80216

Submit a Work Order Request

Work requests for any CCD facilities located on the Auraria Campus can be submitted through AHEC’s work order system. This system offers convenience for faculty and staff along with the ability to track requests for maintenance, repairs, or other assistance from CCD’s or AHEC’s Facility Services department. You may also submit your request by telephone, in writing, via email, and in person. Some requests that cannot be accepted through the Internet include:

  • Requests for auxiliary design & construction projects. A project agreement must be developed and signed before work can proceed.
  • Any charge for back work must have a signature and cost account number.
  • An electronic door key request form must be submitted, with proper approvals, before any key can be issued.

For situations requiring an immediate response, please contact the AHEC Customer Service Desk, 303.556.3260, during normal hours: Monday - Friday: 7:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. or during after-hours contact Auraria Police Dispatch, 303.556.5000.

You may submit a work request online, check on the status of a request, access basic reports, or link to various other facility web pages. Submit your work request using only Internet Explorer. Once you are in the maintenance management system:

  • Click on “Log a Request” to start the submittal process.
  • Select a campus (choose “Auraria Higher Education Center”).
  • Choose a building (use the drop-down menu to select your building).
  • For non-building related requests, select “Not Applicable” and describe the location, as well as possible in the request description.
  • Click “Next.”
  • Complete the work request form as completely as possible.
  • Click “Submit.”

Your work request will then be assigned a number, which will be provided to you on the final screen. An email message will be sent acknowledging your request.

Once the request is received, it is placed in a log that is checked throughout the workday by AHEC customer support staff. Because of the new construction and remodeling, all work requests will be routed through CCD’s Facilities Director for approval. Once approved, it will be turned into a work order and assigned to the appropriate shop. You will be sent an email indicating that it has been accepted and notifying you of the work order number assigned to it.

If the request is rejected, you will be notified of this by email and provided with the reason that it cannot be accepted. Some reasons that a request might not be accepted are:

  • Location or description of work is not specific enough to proceed.
  • Written approval is necessary before the work can be done.
  • The request is a duplicate of one already received.
  • AHEC Facilities Services does not do the type of work requested.
  • Rejected by CCD’s Facilities Director: A rejected request may be resubmitted with additional information and turned into a new request.

After your work request is submitted you may check the status at any time in using the reference number provided on the final page of the request. This is accomplished by selecting the “Request Log Query” box on the maintenance management system web page and inputting the request number and clicking on the submit box.

When your work request is accepted and turned into a work order, you may track it a couple of ways from the same web page. If you know the work order number, you may select the “Work Order Query” box and input the number. If you do not know the work order number, you may use the “Open Work’” or “Completed Work” links to search by building. Once you have selected a building from the drop-down menu and clicked "next," a list of all either open or closed work orders for that building will be provided. You can then get detailed information on any work order on the list simply by double-clicking on it.

If you experience any problems using this system or have any questions about it, feel free to contact CCD facilities at 303.352.6248 or one of AHEC's customer support staff at 303.556.3260.

Maintenance concerns at the Lowry location are managed by CCCS. If you have a work request contact the flowing staff and they will log your request with CCCS.

Center for Health Sciences
Hayes Colburn, Administrative Assistant | Hayes.Colburn@ccd.edu

Dental Hygiene
Elvia Ramos, Administrative Assistant | Elvia.Ramos@ccd.edu

Brad Warren, Facilities Manager