The College Pathways program at CCD enables high school students just like you to take college classes while you are still in high school through Concurrent Enrollment and the ASCENT Program.  CCD partners with many high schools in Denver (see full list in the tab below), including special partnerships with CEC Early College and Southwest Early College.

Concurrent enrollment classes are not high school classes for college credit, but true college classes with the same standards and expectations as all CCD courses. Because area schools and districts pay the cost of tuition, you can achieve success at the college level with little to no cost.

All courses taken through CCD concurrent enrollment will appear on your CCD transcript.  Guaranteed Transfer (gt) courses will always transfer and the credit will apply to gtPathways requirements in Liberal Arts & Sciences bachelor’s degrees at all public colleges or universities in Colorado.  These may also transfer to other colleges and universities outside of Colorado, so be sure to check with the transferring school to be sure.  All other college-level courses taken through CCD may be applied to your program of study, per their requirements.  Similar to gt courses, these may also transfer to other colleges and universities in or outside of Colorado, so be sure to check with the transferring school to be sure. Concurrent Enrollment is a great way to get a head start on your college career – both at CCD and for completing a four-year degree at another college or university.

The number of concurrent enrollment students in the Colorado Community College System (CCCS) has more than doubled since 2010. The CCCS colleges awarded 1,060 credentials to 964 high school students in 2015, including 206 associate degrees and 854 certificates. Conservative estimates show this program has saved families $70 million in tuition costs to date since July 1, 2009. CCD students saved nearly $2.1 million in tuition costs in the 2015-16 school year alone!

The information on these pages is to help you gain a better understanding of these programs. However, to learn how you can begin the College Pathways program, please speak with your high school guidance counselor first. Any additional questions or concerns can be directed to our office.

Getting Started

Courses vary across high school campuses and may be subject to change or cancellation.  For an accurate list of courses at your high school, please contact your high school counselor or the College Pathways office.

For more detailed information on CCD courses, including course descriptions, prerequisites and course numbering​, please see the full course catalog.

ENG 121 – English Composition I

ENG 122 – English Composition II

HIS 101 – Western Civilization: Antiquity – 1650

LIT 115 – Introduction to Literature I

LIT 205 – Ethnic Literature

LIT 212 – American Literature after Civil War

MAT 120 – Math for Liberal Arts

MAT 121 – College Algebra

PSY 101 – General Psychology I

PSY 102 – General Psychology II

SOC 101 – Introduction to Sociology I


For more detailed information on CCD courses, including course descriptions, prerequisites and course numbering, please see the full course catalog.

AAA 109 – Advanced Academic Achievement

ACC 101 – Fundamentals

ACC 132 – Tax Prep Colorado

ACC 133 – Tax Prep Colorado Practicum

AEC 104 – Architectural Drawing Theory

ART 121 – Drawing I

BTE 100 – Computer Keyboarding

BTE 102 – Keyboarding Applications I

BTE 103 – Keyboarding Applications II

BTE 120 – Electronic Office Procedures

BUS 115 – Introduction to Business

CAD 101 – Computer Aided Drafting I

CAD 102 – Computer Aided Drafting II

CAD 115 – Sketchup

CAD 224 – Revit Architecture

CCR 092 – College Composition & Reading

CIS 110 – Introduction to the PC

CIS 117 – Introduction to Technical Applications

CIS 118 – Introduction to PC Applications

CIS 130 – Introduction to the Internet

CIS 135 – Complete PC Word Processing

COM 115 – Public Speaking

HPR 101 – Customer Service in Healthcare

HPR 102 – CPR for Professionals

HPR 178 – Medical Terminology

MAT 050 – Quantitative Literacy

MAT 055 – Algebraic Literacy

MGD 101 – Introduction to Computer Graphics

NUA 101 – Nurse Ide Health Care Skills

NUAT 170 – Nurse Ide Clinical Experience

THE 106 – Cross Cultural Storytelling

THE 111 – Acting I

THE 112 – Acting II

*The CCD courses list above have been taught (at one time) through Concurrent Enrollment. Please check with the CCD College Pathways office or with your high school to see what is currently available.

The high schools listed below are in the CCD service area and may offer CCD courses at their campuses and/or send students to CCD campus locations.

Please check with the CCD College Pathways office or your high school counselor to for the most up-to-date information.

Abraham Lincoln High School

Abraham Lincoln Respect Academy

Adams City High School

Branson School Online

Bruce Randolph High School

Catalyst High School

CEC Middle College

Compassion Road Academy

Cherry Creek District high schools

Colorado High School Charter

Contemporary Learning Academy

Denver Center for International Studies

DCIS Montbello


Denver School of the Arts

Denver School of Innovation and Sustainable Design

East High School

El Paso District 49 high schools

Emily Griffith High School

Englewood District high schools

Escuela Tlatelolco

EXCEL Academy

Florence Crittenton High School

GOAL Academy

George Washington High School

High-Tech Early College

Insight School of Colorado

Jefferson Academy High School

John F. Kennedy High School

Kunsmiller Creative Arts Academy

La Academia

Lester Arnold High School

Lotus School for Excellence

Manual High School

Monte Vista Online Academy

North High School

North Engagement Center

PREP Academy

PUSH Academy

Rocky Mountain Digital Academy

South High School

Southwest Early College

Summit Academy

Thomas Jefferson High School

Two Roads Charter High School

West Career Academy

West Generations Academy

West Leadership Academy