About Concurrent Enrollment

There are many ways you can begin reaching your educational goals and your path toward college while still in high school. To enroll in these programs, you must first contact your high school counselor. If you are thinking about attending the Community College of Denver (CCD) after high school and want to learn more about our programs we offer, talk with a representative or arrange a campus tour.

College Pathways

The College Pathways program at CCD enables high school students just like you to take college classes while you are still in high school. These are not high school classes for college credit, but true college classes with the same standards and expectations as all CCD courses. Because area schools and districts pay the cost of tuition, you can achieve success at the college level at little or no cost.

Concurrent Enrollment

Concurrent Enrollment is a great opportunity for you to get an early start on college and can be an accessible entry point for first-generation, college-bound students. As you succeed in your college classes, you will build confidence and the necessary skills to continue to take on more rigorous coursework.


CCD partners with many Denver-area high schools so that you can start college now—where you’ll earn college credit and credit toward high school graduation.

Free Tuition

Since your district or high school pays your tuition, you can save a lot of money on classes that go toward CCD degrees and certificates or use these credits to transfer to a two- or four-year college or university.


Classes may be offered at your high school with your own teachers or CCD instructors. You can also attend classes on CCD’s Auraria Campus side-by-side with other college students. Because concurrent enrollment courses apply toward college credits, you will be held to the same pre-requisite and academic standards for the courses, just as all CCD students.

To Enroll

  • To enroll or learn more, speak with your high school counselor or contact the College Pathways (303.352.3301) office.
  • To see what the state is doing to expand college access for high school students, visit the Colorado Department of Education.

Ascent Program

CCD’s Ascent Program allows you to complete a year of college while enrolled in a fifth year of high school. You must have met the graduation requirements of your high school, placed into college-level classes, and have earned at least 12 college credits to participate.


High school students who successfully pass CCD courses (with C or better) can use the CCD coursework for both high school and college credit.

Free Tuition

The state of Colorado has established special funds for the ASCENT program so that students who participate in this do not have to pay tuition costs.

To Enroll

Discuss concurrent enrollment options with your high school counselor. Or call us at 303.352.3301 and learn more about how you can join other students just like you get a head start on your college educational goals.