Center for Arts, Behavioral & Social Sciences - Faculty and Staff


Professor, History
Phone: 303.352.6859
Department Chair and Assistant Professor, World Languages
Phone: 303.352.6731
Megan Buness
Professor, Music
Phone: 303.352.6502
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Department Chair & Assistant Professor, Psychology, Ethnic Studies, Anthropology, Sociology, and Women’s Studies
Phone: 303.352.3096
Department Chair & Associate Professor, Visual Arts & Graphic Design
Phone: 303.352.6924
Associate Professor, Visual Arts Coordinator & Graphic Design
Phone: 303.352.6473
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Professor, Psychology, Anthropology, Sociology and Women's Studies
Phone: 303.352.3064
Department Chair & Professor, Communication & Journalism
Phone: 303.352.6439
Sandy Guinn
Professor, Art
Phone: 303.352.6784
Chris Holcom
Associate Professor, History, Geography, Political Science
Phone: 303.352.6862
Associate Professor, Anthropology, Sociology, Women's Studies
Phone: 303.352.3056
Assistant Professor, Sociology
Phone: 303.352.3055
Assistant Professor, Humanities
Phone: 303.352.6523
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Assistant Professor, Anthropology, Sociology, Women's Studies
Professor, Visual Arts
Phone: 303.352.6530
Kurt Pond
Professor, Philosophy
Phone: 303.352.6480
Assistant Professor, Communication
Phone: 303.352.3075
Assistant Professor of Journalism
Phone: 303.352.6495
Department Chair & Assistant Professor, Political Science
Phone: 303.352.3058
Department Chair & Associate Professor, Performing Arts
Phone: 303.352.6446
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Assistant Professor , English & College Composition & Reading
Phone: 303.352.6157
Assistant Professor of Communication
Phone: 303.352.3057
Cathleen Whiles
Professor, Performing Arts
Phone: 303.352.6856
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Assistant Professor, Anthropology
Phone: 303.352.3056