Policies & Guidebook

The Integrated Nursing Pathway (INP) program was initially established in 2010 in collaboration with the University of Colorado, College of Nursing (CU CON) and the Community College of Aurora, as a way to provide access to a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing to qualified community college students who might not otherwise have such access. In 2013, the Community College of Denver (CCD) also joined with CU CON in establishing the INP program on this campus.

Since this program is unique in many ways, guidelines and policies have been developed that are also unique and specific to this program. This guidebook is intended to serve as a resource to address any questions or concerns that may arise when searching for information or answers to questions regarding the INP program while at CCD.  

Students who are accepted into the INP program are expected to adhere to the policies for the INP program both at CCD and the CU CON, as well as to other applicable general student policies for CCD. Visit CCD’s college catalog for listing of all College policies that pertain to students.

See CU Denver’s Student Handbook for a listing of the nursing professional behaviors and expectations.

Last updated: 
February 24, 2020