Office 365 Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! The rumor you heard is true. All students attending CCD get Office 365 for up to five (5) devices for FREE!

Use the document below to answer all your questions about this free feature.

What questions does this document answer?

  • What is included with the Office 365 ProPlus subscription?
  • How many machines/devices can I run this subscription on?
  • Is this a full version Office and available for offline use?
  • What applications come with Office 365 ProPlus for PC/Mac/Mobile?
  • What are the PC/Mac/Mobile requirements for Office 365 ProPlus?
  • Do students have to sign into Office 365 to use any of these applications?
  • Where can I get training on Office 365 ProPlus?
  • What is OneDrive?
  • And More!


Last updated: 
October 3, 2017