AHEC's & AMC's Door Key Request Forms

Both these key processes changed and are completely electronic, which has made this process more convenient, faster and environmentally friendly.  Directions for creating a digital signature can be found at the links listed below. These new electronic PDF forms replace the paper handwritten requests of the past. 

AHEC’s Form

All fields marked with an asterisk (*) must be completed and signed by the requester and then signed by the department head and director of Facilities Management Services. There is a step-by-step instructions for completing the AHEC form, and creating a digital signature or can be found at G:\CCD Common\Key Requests or below. 

For Both Forms

When the form has been completed by the requester, it then needs to be emailed to the director/dean of the requester’s department for her/his electronic signature. Once it has received the department’s approval, it is then forward to Facilities Management Services for authorization and final processing. 

As a reminder, do not print out this form and forward to Facilities Services. It will not be honored.


Please contact CCD’s Facilities Coordinator (Debra Steinbach | 303.556.6248) or AHEC Access Control if you have questions or need support completing the new form.

Last updated: 
February 14, 2018