AHEC's & AMC's Door Key Request Forms

The key processes below have been developed to make requesting a key more convenient, faster and environmentally friendly. Directions for creating a digital signature can be found at the links listed below.   

AHEC’s Form

All fields marked with an asterisk (*) must be completed and signed by the requester and then signed by the department head and director of Facilities Management Services. There is step-by-step instruction for completing the AHEC form, and creating a digital signature or can be found at G:\CCD Common\Key Requests or below. 

For Both Forms

When the form has been completed by the requester, it then needs to be emailed to the director/dean of the requester’s department for her/his electronic signature. Once it has received the department’s approval, it is then forward to Facilities Management Services for authorization and final processing. 


This AMC key/code use agreement is also used to obtain a building alarm code.  The same steps and signature are also required.

As a reminder, do not print out this form and forward to Facilities Services. It will not be honored.


Please contact CCD’s Facilities Coordinator (Debra Steinbach |303.352.6248. ) or AHEC Access Control if you have questions or need support completing the new form.

Last updated: 
July 2, 2020