Inclusive Excellence Leadership Team Responds to the U.S. Supreme Court Decision on LGBTQ Rights

The Inclusive Excellence Leadership Team (IELT) would like to acknowledge and celebrate the U.S. Supreme court decision on June 15, 2020, that affirmed full, legal protection for the LGBTQ community from discrimination in the workplace.  The court voted 6-3 that the seven million US workers who identify as Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual, as well as the one million workers who identify as Transgender, all deserve equal protection from discrimination in the workplace, as articulated in Title VII of the Civil Rights Act.  This is a profound, legal victory for the LGBTQ community, and for human rights advocates. CCD has long advocated for the full protection of LGBTQ students and staff.  The legal requirement that all professions must now honor the rights of the LGBTQ individual to work completely free of discrimination—is now the law of the land. This is truly a legal decision to celebrate. 

Historically, this triumphant movement towards equal rights only emerged after decades of brave activism from the LGBTQ community, from decades of brave individual acts of courage from LGBTQ individuals, and from decades of intentional contributions from LGBTQ allies. Today, IELT salutes their courage, commitment, and hard work, in the name of creating a more equitable country.  The IELT team would also like to thank all the people of all genders and races and sexual orientations who lent their talents, time, and courage to this triumphant moment, which will positively impact millions of lives.  This is also a timely reminder that the work we do at CCD within a Diversity and Inclusion lens extends into a larger, cultural and legal narrative.    

For additional resources visit the tri-institutional LGBTQ Student Resource Center