RTD CollegePass | Spring 2022

CCD is pleased to once again offer the RTD CollegePass for students enrolled in the spring semester. Students may be enrolled in online or on-campus courses at any of CCD’s three locations: Auraria, Lowry, or the Advanced Manufacturing Center. This pass provides a discounted rate for unlimited use of the entire Regional Transportation District’s light rail and/or bus line, including the airport lines.

The monthly regional/airport pass will cost a one-time fee of $135 for the period from January 3 through July 31, 2022.

To receive the RTD CollegePass, students must visit the Campus ID Station at the Tivoli Student Union. The Campus ID Station is located in room 269 (across the hall from the bookstore on the 2nd floor).

The RTD transaction at the ID Station register is what activates the RTD CollegePass. Students must have a student ID first before they can get the pass. Students will have the option to have the cost of the pass added to their tuition and fees bill or to pay the Campus ID Station directly for the pass. Students who add the cost of the pass to their bill will need to contact the CCD Cashiers Office to pay for their pass if they are not receiving financial aid funds, or if their financial aid is not sufficient to cover the cost of the pass. The final day to charge the CollegePass to a CCD bill is January 31, 2022.

Beginning February 1, 2022, students will need to pay the Campus ID Station directly to receive a pass.