Auraria Campus Students Approve Continuation of RTD College Pass Program and Addition of New Campus-Wide Compost Fee

DENVER – Last week, Auraria Campus students collectively voted in favor of an extension of the bus and light rail pass program (CollegePass) fee for the next academic year (Aug. 17, 2020 – Aug. 16, 2021).

Students at the three institutions of higher education on the Auraria Campus (Community College of Denver, Metropolitan State University of Denver, and the University of Colorado Denver) accounted for 1,792 votes cast.

Of the voters, 87% were in favor of continuing the RTD College Pass Program; 13% were opposed. The estimated cost of the RTD College Pass Program continuation is not to exceed $131 per student, per semester, including institutional collection fees, for the 2020–21 academic year.

The voting breakdown was as follows:

RTD CollegePass

  Yes % No % TOTAL
Community College of Denver 108 87.8% 15 12.2% 123
Metropolitan State University of Denver 645 83.5% 128 16.5% 773
University of Colorado Denver 746 89.9% 84 10.2% 830
Total Results 1499 86.8% 227 13.2% 1726

Additionally, the Auraria Campus students also voted on an expansion of the campus-wide compost program. Of the 1,792 votes cast, 70% were in favor of expanding the compost program, adding $3 per student, per semester to the current Auraria Campus Sustainable Program (SCP) fee; 30% were opposed.

In lieu of the regular Grievance Town Hall meeting, students will have 72 hours from the time this notice is posted to voice any grievances via email to SACABElections@ahec.edu, after which time, in accordance with the Election Code, and pending any petitions or disputes, the vote will be declared valid. Pending finalization of approvals for instituting the fees from the three institutional governing boards, the fees will go into effect for the fall 2020 semester.