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Abbreviation List for Campus & Course Schedule
Document Name Number
Admissions & Registration
ASSET-DACA KTDA Scholarships
Course Catalogs & Schedule of Courses
International Student Information Guide
QuickGuide - Degree Works
QuickGuide - How to Add a Course
QuickGuide - How to Authorize Colorado Opportunity Fund
QuickGuide - How to Check Drop & Withdraw Dates
QuickGuide - How to Check Final Grades
QuickGuide - How to Drop or Withdraw from Class
QuickGuide - How to Request an Official Transcript
QuickGuide - How to Update Address
QuickGuide - How to Update Emergency Contact
QuickGuide - How to Update Personal Email Address
QuickGuide - Waitlist Guide for Students
Waitlist Student Frequently Asked Questions
Document Name Number
Admissions Promise Agreement ORR-4
Amended Application ORR-5
Change of Information Request ORR-8
Class Audit ORR-9
CO National Guard Residency Requirement Waiver ORR-37
COF Authorization ARR-35
COF Waiver Request ORR-10
Correction For Initial Tuition Classification Form
Diploma Re-Order ORR-13
Emancipation for Tuition Purposes ARR-40
Ethnicity & Race Data Collection ORR-30
FERPA Release & Student Reference Request ORR-15
Graduation Application
Inter-Institutional Application
International Student Responsibilities Contract ARR-IA-2
Petition for In-State Tuition ARR-19
Petition for Repeated Course ORR-20
Program of Study Change Request ORR-22
Unusual Enrollment History FA-41
VA Enrollment Form ORR-32
Veteran Notice of Student Responsibility ORR-31
Western Undergraduate Exchange Program Application ARR-34