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Document Name Number Type Audience
Radiology Technology Structured Reference Form RAD-5 Form Students, Faculty & Staff
Re-Enrollment Form for Students GED-3 Form Faculty & Staff
Reading Strategies: SQ3R Document Students
Receiving & Reselling Instructional Material INST-18 Guideline Faculty & Staff
Records Management - Public Records Request PO-4 Guideline Students
Release of Financial Aid Information FA-11 Form Students
Repeat Course Limits Appeal AA-11 Form Faculty & Staff, Secured
Request to Prevent Disclosure of Directory Information ARR-23 Form Faculty & Staff, Secured
Resource Lending Agreements AC-8-9-10 Form Faculty & Staff, Secured
RTE Applicant Check-Off List RAD-15 Form Students, Faculty & Staff
Sales Tax Certificate of Exemption Document Faculty & Staff
Schedule - Parts of Term Document Faculty & Staff
Scholarship Application Review for Adjuncts FA-2 Guideline Faculty & Staff
Scholarship Contract FA-58 Form Students, Faculty & Staff
Scope of Work HR-55 Form Faculty & Staff
Sentence Types Document Students
Service Guide for the CCD Community Document Faculty & Staff
Service Project Record OSL-8 Form Students
Sexual Misconduct HR-7 Guideline Faculty & Staff
SGA Approved Bills Document Students
SGA Election Code - Approved by CCD Document Students
SGA Election Packet Document Students
SGA Meeting Minutes Document Students
Social Media Guideline CA-1 Guideline Faculty & Staff
Special Approval for Concurrent Enrollment Course Request Form PRO-35 Form Faculty & Staff
Special Circumstances - Brochure Document Students
Standardization of Forms PO-5 Guideline Faculty & Staff
State Travel Cardholder Agreement FIS-2 Form Faculty & Staff
Statement Concerning Your Employment in a Job Not Covered by Social Security HR-21 Form Faculty & Staff
Step by Step Guide to Transfer Document Students
Steps to Enrollment Document Students
Student & Chaperone Travel FS-6 Guideline Students
Student Bylaws Document Students
Student Discipline Guideline SA-2 Procedure Faculty & Staff
Student Email Communications Guideline SA-3 Guideline Faculty & Staff
Student Employment Supervisor Guide Document Students, Faculty & Staff
Student Government Position Descriptions Document Students
Student Grievance SA-1 Guideline Faculty & Staff
Student Intake Form AC-6 Form Faculty & Staff, Secured
Student Organization Active Member List OSL-1 Form Students
Student Organization Handbook Document Students
Student Organization Registration OSL-5 Form Students
Student Payment Agreement CASH-2 Form Students, Faculty & Staff
Student Post Completion Tracking Form TLC-3 Form Faculty & Staff
Student Progress Report AA-2 Form Faculty & Staff
Student SOAR Guide Document Students
Student Tax Filing Status FA-51 Form Students
Study Skills Menu Document Students
Study Skills Toolkit Document Students, Faculty & Staff
Submit Final Grades Document Faculty & Staff