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Document Name Number Type Audience
Faculty Frequently Asked Questions about Accessibility Document Faculty & Staff
Faculty Learning Communities TLC-10 Form Faculty & Staff
Faculty Learning Community Proposal TLC-8 Document Faculty & Staff
Faculty Post-Retirement Approval Form HR-46 Form Faculty & Staff
Faculty Professional Development Grant Application TLC-1 Form Faculty & Staff
Faculty Professional Development Program Grant Program INST-16 Guideline Faculty & Staff
Faculty Status Level Change Request Form HR-34 Form Faculty & Staff
Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) Poster Document Faculty & Staff
Family Size - Dependent Student Document Students
Family Size - Independent Student Document Students
Federal Benefits Form - Parent Students
Federal Benefits Form - Student Students
FERPA Release & Student Reference Request ORR-15 Form Students, Faculty & Staff
Field Trip Approval PRO-3 Form Faculty & Staff
Financial Aid Cancellation Form FA-1 Form Students
Financial Aid Terms & Conditions FA-20 Form Faculty & Staff, Secured
First Day Writing Assessment A&H-4 Document Faculty & Staff
Foreign Vendor Questionnaire Document Faculty & Staff
Form for Appeal Decisions Form Faculty & Staff, Secured
Formal Complaint Guideline for Students SA-8 Guideline Students, Faculty & Staff
FSI Invoice GED-2 Form Faculty & Staff
Fundraising Event Notification OSL-7 Form Students
Gateway Scholarship Request Form FA-63 Form Faculty & Staff
General Academic Essay Outline Document Students
General Student Complaint Form Form Students, Faculty & Staff
Golf Carts Guideline PO-3 Guideline Faculty & Staff
Grade Change Request Form ORR-16 Form Faculty & Staff, Secured
Graduate Follow-Up Survey Results 2019-2020
Graduate or Professional Student Guideline FA-1 Guideline Faculty & Staff, Secured
Graduation Application Form Students
Grant Fact Sheet FIS-15 Document Faculty & Staff
Grant Management Guideline RD-4 Guideline Faculty & Staff
Grant Report Submission Guideline RD-3 Guideline Faculty & Staff
Grievance - Incident Report Form - Non-Civil Rights Complaints HR-43 Form Faculty & Staff
Guide to Faculty Recruitment Selection Process Document Faculty & Staff, Secured
Hazardous Chemical Inventory FCS-1 Form Secured
Hazardous Waste Contingency Plan Document Faculty & Staff
Health Immunization Form - Radiologic Technology Program RAD-17 Form Students, Faculty & Staff
HLC Additional Location Criteria for High Schools Offering Concurrent Enrollment INST-24 Guideline Faculty & Staff
HLC Annual Institutional Update ACRD-1 Guideline Faculty & Staff
HLC Multi-Site Reporting Faculty & Staff
Honor Societies FS-10 Guideline Students
Honors Program - Course Contract for Honors Credit PRO-39 Form Students
Honors Program Completion Form PRO-38 Form Students
Honors Program Information Packet PRO-40 Document Students, Faculty & Staff
Hourly, Student Hourly & Work-Study Job Posting Template HR-56 Form Faculty & Staff
How to Set up Microsoft Word Document in MLA Format Document Students
How to Use ePortfolio Document Students, Faculty & Staff
HSI STEM Scholars Program Application Form Students, Faculty & Staff
Identity & Statement of Educational Purpose Students