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Document Name Numbersort descending Type Audience
Information Technology Services VPN Access Request IT-10 Form Faculty & Staff
IT Project Request IT-13 Form Faculty & Staff
Mobile Device Purchase Request IT-14 Form Faculty & Staff
Web Accessibility Plan IT-4 Guideline Faculty & Staff
Project Prioritization Process IT-5 Guideline Faculty & Staff, Secured
Technology Planning Priority Committee IT-6 Guideline Faculty & Staff
Video Storage and Captioning Guideline IT-7 Guideline Students, Faculty & Staff
IT Project Business Case IT-8 Form Faculty & Staff
IT Purchase Approval IT-9 Form Faculty & Staff, Secured
Purchase Approval - CCCS-IT Only IT-CCCS-1 Form Faculty & Staff, Secured
Course Substitution Form ORR-11 Form Faculty & Staff, Secured
Diploma Re-Order ORR-13 Form Students
FERPA Release & Student Reference Request ORR-15 Form Students, Faculty & Staff
Grade Change Request Form ORR-16 Form Faculty & Staff, Secured
Incomplete Grade ORR-18 Form Faculty & Staff, Secured
Academic Renewal Application ORR-2 Form Faculty & Staff, Secured
Petition for Repeated Course ORR-20 Form Students
Program of Study Change Request ORR-22 Form Students, Faculty & Staff
Tuition Classification Appeal Form ORR-26 Form Faculty & Staff, Secured
Ethnicity & Race Data Collection ORR-30 Form Students, Faculty & Staff
Veteran Notice of Student Responsibility ORR-31 Form Students
VA Enrollment Form ORR-32 Form Students
CO National Guard Residency Requirement Waiver ORR-37 Form Students
Banner Request for Access ORR-38 Form Faculty & Staff, Secured
Admissions Promise Agreement ORR-4 Form Students
Customer Contact Form ORR-44 Form Faculty & Staff, Secured
Amended Application ORR-5 Form Students
Change of Information Request ORR-8 Form Students, Faculty & Staff
Class Audit ORR-9 Form Students
Student Organization Active Member List OSL-1 Form Students
Popcorn Machine Rental Agreement OSL-4 Form Students
Student Organization Registration OSL-5 Form Students
Mascot Request for Appearance OSL-6 Form Students, Faculty & Staff
Fundraising Event Notification OSL-7 Form Students
Service Project Record OSL-8 Form Students
Office of Student Life's Graphic Design Request Form OSL-9 Form Students, Faculty & Staff
Independent Study Contract PABS-1 Form Students
Perkins Grant Application Process Perkins-1 Guideline Faculty & Staff
Disposal Perkins Equipment Perkins-2 Guideline Faculty & Staff
Perkins Funded Hourly Employees Perkins-3 Guideline Faculty & Staff
Purchasing of Equipment with Perkins Funds Perkins-4 Guideline Faculty & Staff
Perkins Equipment Inventory Perkins-5 Guideline Faculty & Staff
Management of Perkins Funded for Faculty & Staff Perkins-6 Guideline Faculty & Staff
Pets on College Property PO-1 Guideline Students
Donations Guideline PO-10 Guideline Faculty & Staff
Last Lecture Series PO-11 Guideline Faculty & Staff
Children on College Premises PO-2 Guideline Students
Golf Carts Guideline PO-3 Guideline Faculty & Staff
Records Management - Public Records Request PO-4 Guideline Students
Standardization of Forms PO-5 Guideline Faculty & Staff