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Special Circumstances - Brochure Document Students
Student Bylaws Document Students
Service Guide for the CCD Community Document Faculty & Staff
SGA Election Packet Document Students
Submit Final Grades Document Faculty & Staff
Student Government Position Descriptions Document Students
Study Guides Document Students
Sentence Types Document Students
Step by Step Guide to Transfer Document Students
Study Skills Menu Document Students
Student SOAR Guide Document Students
SGA Approved Bills Document Students
Student Organization Handbook Document Students
Sales Tax Certificate of Exemption Document Faculty & Staff
Steps to Enrollment Document Students
SGA Election Code - Approved by CCD Document Students
Schedule - Parts of Term Document Faculty & Staff
SGA Meeting Minutes Document Students
Student Employment Supervisor Guide Document Students, Faculty & Staff
Student Tax Filing Status FA-51 Form Students
State Travel Cardholder Agreement FIS-2 Form Faculty & Staff
Special Approval for Concurrent Enrollment Course Request Form PRO-35 Form Faculty & Staff
Student Post Completion Tracking Form TLC-3 Form Faculty & Staff
Statement Concerning Your Employment in a Job Not Covered by Social Security HR-21 Form Faculty & Staff
Serving Those Who Have Served FA-69 Form Faculty & Staff
Service Project Record OSL-8 Form Students
Student Payment Agreement CASH-2 Form Students, Faculty & Staff
Student Organization Active Member List OSL-1 Form Students
Student Organization Registration OSL-5 Form Students
Syllabus Templates PRO-21 Form Faculty & Staff
Scope of Work HR-55 Form Faculty & Staff
Student Progress Report AA-2 Form Faculty & Staff
Student Intake Form AC-6 Form Faculty & Staff, Secured
Scholarship Contract FA-58 Form Students, Faculty & Staff
Student Discipline Guideline SA-2 Procedure Faculty & Staff
Student & Chaperone Travel FS-6 Guideline Students
Special Approval for Concurrent Enrollment Course Requests INST-25 Guideline Faculty & Staff
Sexual Misconduct HR-7 Guideline Faculty & Staff
Scholarship Application Review for Adjuncts FA-2 Guideline Faculty & Staff
Standardization of Forms PO-5 Guideline Faculty & Staff
Social Media Guideline CA-1 Guideline Faculty & Staff
Student Grievance SA-1 Guideline Faculty & Staff
Student Email Communications Guideline SA-3 Guideline Faculty & Staff