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Smiling person wearing a maroon button up shirt
Instructor, Economics
Phone: 303.556.2487
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HR Recruiter
Phone: 303.352.6200
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Students Success Specialist: Academic Coordinator
Phone: 303.352.6994
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Instructor, Mathematics
Phone: 303.352.6812
Smiling person with short dark hair wearing dark blue shirt with dark gray suit coat
Associate Dean for High School to College Connections
Phone: 303.352.6787
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Specialist, Academic Credentials
Phone: 303.352.6269
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Instructor, Mathematics
Phone: 303.352.6812
Smiling person in a suit and tie
Instructor, Early Childhood Education
Phone: 303.556.2439
Smiling person wearing a plaid shirt
Assistant Professor of Journalism
Phone: 303.352.6495
white woman in a green and black blouse with long brown hair smiling
Associate Dean of Student Success
Phone: 303.352.6041
Smiling woman in a blue flowered top
Program Chair & Professor, Advanced Academic Achievement
Phone: 303.352.6515
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Director of Information Technology
Phone: 303.352.3032
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Academic Advisor
Phone: 303.352.6043
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Nursing Faculty
Phone: 303.365.8391
Smiling person with long dark hair
Department Chair & Associate Professor, Mathematics and Engineering
Phone: 303.352.6511
Smiling person with a beard and short hair
Professor, Veterinary Technology
Phone: 303.365.8373
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Instructor, Mathematics
Phone: 303.352.6812
Person with long dark hair
Department Chair & Professor, English
Phone: 303.352.6049
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Registrar, Director of Registration and Records
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Instructor, Paralegal
Smiling woman with long dark brown hair wearing gold hoop earrings, tan top, brown scarf and plaid blazer
Digital Media Coordinator
Phone: 303.352.3108
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Instructor, Psychology
Phone: 303.352.3061
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Instructor, Biology
Phone: 303.352.6460
Smiling woman in a yellow suit jacket
Department Chair, Business
Phone: 303.352.6936
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Assistant Professor, Veterinary Technology
Phone: 303.365.8371
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EXCEL Zone Math Tutoring Coordinator
Phone: 303.352.3321
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ARO Data Systems and Operations Manager
Phone: 303.352.6814
Smiling woman in a red shirt
Instructor, Dental Hygiene
Phone: 303.365.8334
Smiling man in a plaid shirt
Instructor, Mathematics
Phone: 303.352.6589
Smiling woman in a striped shirt
Department Chair & Associate Professor, Political Science, Economics, and History
Phone: 303.352.3058
Smiling woman with glasses in a red shirt
Academic Advisor
Phone: 303.352.3208
Smiling woman with glasses in a purple shirt
Facilities Manager
Phone: 303.352.6248
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Simulation Coordinator, Practical Nursing Faculty
Phone: 303.365.8380
Executive Director, Human Resources
Phone: 303.352.3220
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Instructor, Radiologic Technology
Person with a goatee wearing a dark blue shirt
Professor, Mathematics
Phone: 303.352.6806