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Human Resource Benefits Generalist
Professor, Chemistry and Physics
Phone: 303.352.6432
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Instructor, English as a Second Language (ESL)
Phone: 303.352.6473
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Department Chair & Assistant Professor, Medical Assisting
Phone: 303.365.8391
Woman with black braided hair wearing glasses and gold hoop earrings
Phone: 303.352.3294
smiling guy with glasses
Professor, English
Phone: 303.352.6709
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Director, Machining Technologies
Phone: 303.352.3046
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Instructor, Advanced Academic Achievement
Phone: 303.556.6812
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Associate Professor, English
Phone: 303.352.6509
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Instructor, Communication
Phone: 303.352.6473
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TLC Instructional Support Specialist
Student Ombuds
Phone: 303.352.6342
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Academic Advisor
Phone: 303.352.3248
Administrative Assistant
Phone: 303.352.6497
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Instructor, HSI STEM Scholars Program
Phone: 303.556.3812
Jean Hindie
Professor, Mathematics
Phone: 303.352.6816
Woman with medium legth blond hair wearing black top
Department Chair & Professor, Health & Wellness; Interim Chair, Health Care Informatics
Phone: 303.352.3159
Chris Holcom
Associate Professor, History and Political Science
Phone: 303.352.6862
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Biology Lab Manager
Phone: 303.352.6917
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Assistant Professor, Physics and Astronomy
Phone: 303.352.6047
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Dean of Instruction, Arts, Communication & Design and Education Pathways
woman with short brown hair wearing glasses, gray sweater and white top
MRI, CT program coordinator Radiologic Sciences
Phone: 303.365.8341
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Instructor, Anthropology
Phone: 303.352.3061
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Student Conduct Educator and Care Case Managers
Phone: (303) 352-3205