Update on RTD CollegePass

CCD and its partners on the Auraria Campus agreed to suspend the RTD CollegePass beginning May 18. This means that none of Auraria’s institutions will assess an RTD fee on students for the summer semester.  

Additionally, RTD has agreed to waive the portion of the RTD fee that covered April 5 to the end of the spring semester (the period during which fare collection was suspended). Students who were registered for spring classes on campus will see a partial reimbursement via direct deposit or check depending on the information in their student account, while students with an outstanding balance will see a balance reduction for the same amount.  

Students will not be able to use their campus issued RTD pass during the period that the program is suspended. However, RTD is still operating under a service reduction plan at no charge to passengers. 

In April, Auraria Campus students voted to keep the RTD CollegePass for the 2020-21 academic year that begins in the fall.