Welcome Back CCD CityHawks

And a Hearty Welcome to First-Time Students!

I like the tradition in which college presidents greet students at the start of the academic semester with an official written greeting. This is that message.

Usually, the greeting is intended to do a couple of things. More often than not, the written greeting is used to send a message to students about the importance of focusing on academic success and achievement. The second common use of the presidential greeting is to communicate an assortment of useful announcements about such things as institutional goals and strategic plans, the state of the college, new policies and procedures directly related to student affairs, and related matters.

Instead of the customary presidential message consider this one.

Its intent is to simply thank you for investing in yourselves, your families, and your future.

In deciding to enter CCD as a new or returning student, you made a choice. You may frame the choice in different ways—the choice you made reflects your determination to pursue a new direction for yourself or maybe an old direction that seems right to realize now. That’s the crucial investment: the choice.

Now a few of you may say that you don’t know exactly what you plan to study or do afterward. Don’t worry about that because deciding to invest in yourself academically has set into motion an engine that will help you arrive at whatever the future holds for you—whether you’re at CCD for personal enrichment, a certificate, an associate degree, or a Bachelor of Applied Science, which we will be offering before long.

Thank You for Deciding to Make the Investment in Yourself.

Research studies tell us that, in dollars and cents, the more you learn, the more you earn. The U.S. Department of Labor points out that if you are 25 years or older with only a high school degree or its equivalent in 2013, you could only expect to earn an average $651 per week. Completing a community college associate degree boosts weekly income on average to $777 per week. Clearly, the more you learn, the more you earn.

Thank You Too for Selecting Community College of Denver as Your School of Choice.

You will hear a lot of uninformed people tell you investing in a community college is unwise. Don’t fall for it. In February 2014, the results of a nationwide study of the economic importance and impact of community college were published by Economic Modeling Specialists International. The study found that for every $1.00 a community college student invested in him or herself, on average he or she achieves a rate of return of $4.80 in higher future income. Moreover, the study reported that community college students give back handsomely to society as a whole upon completion of their studies. The report said, “For every dollar that federal, state, and local taxpayers spent on America’s community colleges in 2012, society as a whole will receive a cumulative value of $25.90 in benefits, for as long as the colleges’ 2012 students remain active in the U.S. workforce."

I am so pleased to welcome those of you who are returning to CCD, as well as our newest arrivals. All of you are wise and savvy investors because you are making an investment that will return benefits to you for years to come. You are investing in you! Bravo and well done.

Have a great semester!

Everette J. Freeman