College Non-Attendance Policy

Important: Please Read.

Attendance in all class sessions is critical for academic success. Regular and punctual attendance is expected, and each instructor will keep a complete record of student attendance for the entire length of each course. Students will be counted absent from missed class meetings, beginning with the first day of class. Instructors may report any student who does not attend the first 15 percent (Census Date) of the course, and that student will be dropped and not be allowed to re-register for the course. Any co-requisite required for a course that is dropped for non-attendance may also be dropped.

Students enrolled in online classes can also be reported by instructors as non-participants if they fail to submit the first graded assignment online by the due date prior to the Census Date. Non-participating students will be dropped from their course and will not be able to re-enroll.

While students may be reported as non-attending, it is always the student’s responsibility to drop their class(es) by census date should they decide not to attend.

Faculty may give a failing grade to any student who has missed at least 15 percent of a class, after the first class meeting. Students are responsible for properly processing a withdrawal from a class if they want to avoid receiving a failing grade. Class attendance policies vary by instructor. Please refer to each course syllabus for the class attendance policy.

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