How Do I File a Complaint of Discrimination or Harassment?

Online Complaint Form

The Human Resource department and CCD encourage you to take the necessary steps to increase your wellness and safety in order to work and learn in a friendly environment. Without this, we understand your life balance quality and success is at risk. To file a written complaint of discrimination or harassment, please complete the information below and submit the Online Complaint Form.

Civil Rights Complaint Incident Report Form Directions

If you believe that you have been unlawfully discriminated against, harassed, or otherwise harmed, you are required to fill out this complaint form. However, depending on the information you verbally provide, the Community College of Denver (CCD) may be obligated to investigate even without your formal, written complaint. CCD can only base its findings and take actions based on the information provided by you. This form will be submitted to the Title IX/EO Coordinator.

You can also download, print, and complete the Civil Rights Complaint Form (PDF). Once completed, please hand deliver, mail, email, or fax the form to Daniel Kast, Title IX/EO Coordinator for CCD in the HR Department.

Campus Box 240 | P.O. Box 173363 | Denver, CO 80217-3363

Or, please visit our office to speak with us directly about your complaint or concern at the Auraria Campus, Administration Building, Room 310.

To schedule an appointment, contact: Daniel Kast, Title IX/EO Coordinator, 303.352.5018.

Check one that applies.

If you are not the victim:

Please include his/her name for our records.
Is the victim an employee, student, authorized volunteer, or guest/visitor?

Respondent's Information

Is the person (respondent) an employee, student, authorized volunteer, or guest/visitor?

Alleged Incident Details

To investigate your complaint, it will be necessary to interview you, the alleged respondent(s), and any witnesses with knowledge of the allegations or defenses. The statements and the information that you are providing may be attributed to you and could be included in any investigative reports that are prepared. Further, it may be necessary to include you as a witness in any hearing that may occur due to these alleged incidents. Authorization to disclose of person reporting incident:

Your Contact Information

Please read and insert your initials to confirm this statement: I am willing to cooperate fully in the investigation of my complaint and provide whatever evidence the Community College of Denver deems relevant. I affirm that the information I am providing is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I understand that my statements and the information that I am providing may be attributed to me and could be included in any investigation reports that are prepared. I also understand that this investigation is confidential and for me to disclose any information that I have obtained during the course of this investigation could interfere with the investigation. Further, I understand that discussing this investigation with Non-College Officials could expose me to civil liability under current defamation law. I also understand that if I do not fully cooperate, decisions will be made based on the best information available to CCD.