Website Change Form Request

This form allows you to submit a request for content changes to the website. Please do not use this form to request changes to CCD Connect, D2L or Inside CCD. Instead, please put in a ticket with the IT Department.

Changes are made according to urgency and the order in which they were received.

If you need to make changes to the directory, please use this form.

Thank you!

CCD's Web Development team realizes that all change requests are important, but not all are urgent. Please be honest in your response. Thank you for your patience!
Please copy and paste the URL on the page where you want the change(s) to take place.
Please use this space to describe the change(s) you are requesting. Please be as specific as possible and write the content exactly as it needs to appear. Please attach any documents below.
If you would like to request new content such as a new page or image, etc., please type out what you would like to add and upload any files. If you need help creating new content, please contact
Please attach any documents or image files here with clearly marked changes either in RED or use Track Changes.