Student Ambassador Program

Represent the College as a Student Ambassador

Student ambassadors are just as vital to our office as our staff members. As representatives of the College, our group more than 10 ambassadors act as a first point-of-contact for prospective students, current students, and the surrounding community. Learn more about becoming a part of the CCD student ambassador program or about scheduling an ambassador for your next campus event.

Student ambassadors at CCD are part of an exciting organization comprised of current and former students who work with the Admissions, Recruitment & Outreach office to recruit future students. Ambassadors represent the College in various functions, such as orientations, campus tours, school visits, community outreach, and other events. Submit an application (2-page PDF) to our office, but first, read the information below.

How to Join SAP

All members of this organization are selected through an interview process and, if selected, take part in a high-energy, fast-paced environment. Ambassadors are part of a team, and should always display a positive and cooperative attitude at all times. You must be flexible and comfortable with public speaking and one-on-one conversations, as you will be an educator to students, parents, teachers, and administrators.

  • Applicants must demonstrate leadership and academic excellence and meet the following requirements.
  • Remain in good academic standing with CCD and maintain at least a 2.50 GPA
  • Proficient in all Microsoft Office Suite programs
  • Excellent interpersonal communication and customer service skills in person and over the phone
  • Reliable and hardworking
  • Ability to work cooperatively with others in accomplishing assigned tasks
  • Ability to participate in the program for at least one (1) academic year

Responsibilities & Expectations

  • Work at the Welcome Center and assist with new student orientations
  • Promote and participate in student activities and services
  • Answer phones & respond to emails
  • Conduct campus tours
  • Follow-up with prospective students
  • Perform database entry
  • Provide peer-advising
  • Attend a monthly training/meetings
  • Promote a positive image of the college

Benefits to Student Ambassadors

  • Training and actual experience provide opportunities to develop communication, public speaking, organizational, and problem-solving skills.
  • Community outreach will develop in you a sense of contributing to the community, as well as give you personal and professional satisfaction in efforts to improve the lives of others.
  • Enhance your resume! Our Ambassadors get real-life work experience and it shows.

Hours & Compensation

  • Ambassadors will be paid on an hourly basis from work-study funds and student hourly funds.
  • As an ambassador, you will dedicate approximately 10-19 hours a week to the program, not including special events or meetings.
  • Students will also be required to commit 10 hours of your time to various community outreach projects throughout the academic year.

Orientation Leaders

  • Will lead orientation sessions.
  • Help students get introduced to the environment.