Engineering Graphics & Mechanical Design

About the Program

The key to any trade is getting the right training and our program can provide you with the skills for a job that will give you a foot in the door and help you earn a higher salary. Learning a trade and earning a certificate or degree in Engineering Graphics & Mechanical Design could be a great career move for you if you like to work with your hands, solve problems, and be creative.

Without a drafter, your favorite automobile, an elegantly designed tool, or a factory full of complex machinery would not exist. Machines and complex mechanical systems exist in the mind of the engineer or designer before they become reality. The 3D modeler/drafter takes those original ideas and models a 3D design that communicates everything from how the individual parts will be made all the way to how the total machine will work.  

Engineers, product designers, even scientists provide rough drawings, calculations, and specifications to 3D modelers, who then use these to fill in the virtual and technical details that lead directly to 3D printed prototypes and computer numerical-controlled machined parts.

In CCD’s engineering graphics program, you’ll learn how to use 2D and 3D parametric software to capture the idea and communicate it using the language of engineering graphics. You’ll gain the skills to succeed in the growing design and engineering fields.

Mechanical drafters prepare detailed drawings that show how to assemble a wide variety of machinery and devices. You’ll be ready to work on a drafting team in an industrial plant, engineering or manufacturing firm, and for various government agencies.