College Composition & Reading

About the Program

This non-degree program is designed to help you obtain success with writing and critical thinking skills. As a student in College Composition and Reading (CCR), you will achieve lifelong literacy and writing success for your personal, professional, and academic goals through writing, reading, and critical thinking. The CCR program is designed so you can quickly and effectively learn valuable concepts and skills to help you achieve success in college and to real-life situations.

Our classes are designed so you apply what you learn by actively engaging in contextualized classes. For example, in the CCR 094 class, all reading and writing assignments are tied together so you succeed in your first college-level composition course, ENG 121.

Get Additional Help from a Tutor

The Writing Center, located in the Excel Knowledge Zone is open to all students who are enrolled in the CCR program. Located on the fourth floor of the Confluence Building, the labs are open Monday through Friday. Tutors, instructors, and some individual computer programs are available to help with class assignments.

Learn more about the Excel Knowledge Zone.