BootUp Camps

Areas of Study

CIS Solutions A+ Certification Prep Camp

6-Day Training | Cost: $899
Location: Auraria Campus - Cherry Creek Building

IC3 Digital Literacy Certification Prep

3-Day Training | Cost: $899
Location: Auraria Campus - Boulder Creek Building

We're seeking underserved and underrepresented talent for BootUp Camps.

About the Program

BootUp Camps provide non-credit training for the next generation of business leaders.

BootUp Camps provide high-quality, high-demand workplace skills training to help students obtain industry-recognized certifications. Through our community partners, we also seamlessly connect our students with resources for academic and career navigation, childcare & family assistance, and financial support.

Our instruction is accelerated and career-focused with a curriculum tailored to project-based learning and work-based learning. All courses are facilitated by either college instructors or successful subject matter experts in their respective industries.

Our strategic goal is to improve and diversify the access and opportunities to high-growth, high-wage STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) careers, particularly for underserved populations like first-generation college students and minorities.

Our target audiences are students and non-students alike from ages 16 - 60+ who want to overcome obstacles to upward mobility.

Financial Aid Eligibility

 Scholarships and financial aid are not available for continuing education classes; however, pricing is very reasonable and competitive with similar classes offered in the Denver area.

Program Outcomes

Total Reach

500+ Directly participated in BootUp Camp Events

40+ Certificates Earned

Grant Outcomes

  • Enrollment of 17-20 students per camp (6 camps).
  • 87.5% - Average retention & completion rate.
  • Increased comprehension shown in pre and post assessment tests.
  • Administered surveys to measure validation of STEM training services & career preparedness of participants.
  • Video interviews from facilitators and participants.
  • Career readiness workshops with a resume writing workshop.